Monday, August 25, 2014

On Mondays we wear pink

In college my sororities philanthropy was the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation. Each year we raised thousands and thousands of dollars. If I remember right we had the number one fundraiser for all the Greek houses on campus! Go Zetas! I always thought it was a great philanthropy to have and for such a good cause.........breast cancer is everywhere. Everyone knows someone who has had to battle this sucky disease. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Most cases occur in women over 50.

Even with these stats, never did I think someone so close to me would be diagnosed with it (I think it was more wishful thinking). Unfortunately it is now affecting someone I love very much. So starting today, every Monday until her treatment is done, Kylie and I will be wearing pink in support of this special amazing person as she fights her way through treatment and kicks cancer's ass! So this is why.....on Mondays we wear pink :)  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We have sitters!

The kids have been sitting with help for quite a few weeks but this weekend something just clicked and BOOM! Sitting on their own! Alex is more sturdy then Kylie. I wouldn't trust them sitting without someone near by just yet, but they do a pretty good job keeping their balance on their own! Sure makes it easier for them to play! Here are a few pics of them playing while sitting alone today!

Kylie face planted half a second after this

Kylie the cashier!

And since I'm posting I'll throw in today's daily pics:

And no pic is complete without a maverick photobomb!

Love my little babies!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6 month!! Where has the time gone?!

Holy crap our kids are half a year old!!! It has gone WAY to fast but has been so so fun. They are sooo interactive now. Its so fun to see the completely random things that make them laugh hysterically. They are really starting to show their personalities. We think although Kylie looks like Mommy she will have more of a serious side like Daddy. Alex is the spitting image of Daddy but absolutely has Mommy's bubbly personality.


First bday party 6/29! It was for their neighbor. 

First time with baby foods: 6/30 with rice cereal. They hated it. Did peas the next day, a hit!

First 4th of July

First time on slides and swings 7/4

First time jumping in bouncer, Alex 7/6

First time with aunt Lesley babysitting 7/11

Before leaving the kids for our anniversary
Best babysitter ever!

First carousel ride 7/12

First time at zoo 7/12

First fevers:( Kylie fever 7/13, 100.9, Alex 7/24 100.4)

First plane ride: 7/16 to Illinois 

Kylie on plane

First time in a Pool: 7/18. Alex cried and Kylie liked it

First time meeting Great Grandmas 7/17 and 7/18

First time finding feet: 7/20 Alex and 7/28 Kylie

7/25 first time at Mall of America

First time Rolling around room: 7/27 Kylie rolled across room

Weight:  16 pounds 12 ounces (35%ile)

Height:  26 1/4 inches (32%ile)

Head circumference: 17 inches (44%ile)

Diaper size: 2

Clothing size: 3 month is getting tighter. He wears a few 6 month things but 3 month still fits best

Feeds: Target brand Gentlease. He takes 7 ounces 4 times a day (7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 8 PM). He gets baby foods twice a day. We started with peas and then added carrots, sweet potato, and banana. Alex has no favorite, he likes all food. He likes to eat! He keeps his hands far to the side when you feed him baby foods so you can get the food in as fast as possible. Hes awesome about opening his mouth for the spoon. He lets you know if you are not feeding him fast enough! Can eat about 1 container of food at a sitting (although I think he'd do more if we let him)

Sleep: He goes to bed at 8:00 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Dad wakes him during the week at 5:45 for a bottle. After this bottle he goes back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare OR if its a weekendhe wakes around 9 AM on his own. He is a good sleeper and will sleep by himself in the crib. He LOVES to snuggle (prefers chest to chest). He takes 3 cat naps a day (about 30 minutes each ) at daycare. At home if you hold him the whole time he will go about 90 minutes in the afternoon. He likes to sleep with his Lovie. He still uses his sleep sack.

Health: Still having Reflux and on Prevacid. Went to the doctor to make sure he didn't have an ear infection on 7/24 because of a low grade ear infection :)

Behavior: Such a smiley boy! Loves to giggle. When something is funny you can do it over and over and he will laugh over and over. Everything goes to his mouth!!! SO close to sitting!!! Really is only upset when hungry or tired.

Play : He loves to get in his jumper and try to jump. He also loves to grab onto your face and squish it. He loves any toy he can bring to his face. He likes to grab onto things like rings or rattles or the dog. (Sorry Mav!) He is a big fan of mirrors! He likes to stare at himself. Loves playing peek a boo. Loves when you hit a toy over his head. Loves to jump into the air with you and play the airplane game. Loves when you hold him so he can stand.

Able to roll over from front to back and back to front. Can sit unsupported for a few seconds. Babbling. Getting sturdy when you hold him to stand.

6 month photo:

Weight: 14 pounds (12.4 %ile)

Height: 25 inches (15%ile)

Head circumference: 16 1/2 inches (40%ile)
Diaper size: 1

Clothing size: 3 month still fits great

Feeds: Target brand Gentlease. She takes 6 ounces 4 times a day (7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 8 PM). She gets baby foods twice a day. We started with peas and then added carrots, sweet potato, and banana. Her favorite is sweet potato. She likes to keep her hands in her mouth until the spoon is there which results in quite the mess! She gets her tongue in the way when she eats sometimes. She will squeal occasionally if you don't get the food fast enough. Sometimes she hums while she eats her baby food. Kylie eats 1/2 to 1 container of baby food at a time. 

Sleep: She goes to bed at 8:00 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Mom wakes her during the week at 6:45 for a bottle. After this bottle she goes back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare OR if its a weekend we usually have to wake her between 9 and 10. The kid loves her sleep! She is a good sleeper and will sleep by herself in the crib. She LOVES to snuggle (prefers chest to chest). She is taking about 3 30 minute naps at daycare and if she is home with mom and dad and you are willing to hold her, she'll sleep on you for an hour to hour and a half. She likes to sleep with her Lovie. She still uses her sleep sack.

Health: Still has Reflux and is on Prevacid. We are going to make a 2nd attempt to get off this sometime this month. Had a fever for a day but very healthy otherwise!

Behavior: Kylie is such a smiley girl. She likes to smile and then turn way like she is shy. Her nose wrinkles when she smiles. She thinks peak a boo is funny. She is very very curious still and studies everything. She is still our sassy little diva!

Play : Kylie LOVES to roll. She has figured out how to roll a few times in a row to move around a room. Look out world! She loves being sang to. She likes to grab rings....and mommies hair. She adores her jumper. She loves any toy that lights up and/or plays music. Loves to play the airplane game. Loves her Sophie the Giraffe

Development: rolling back to front and front to back. Able to sit unsupported for a few seconds. Babbling. 

6 month photo:


Some of our highlights of the past month:
Where to start?!?! In addition to all the firsts which will always be memorable, here are a few other things: 

Rocking our track suits:

Wearing our Twins gear:

Rocking all sorts of leg warmers:

Dressing Alex like a teenage mutant ninja turtle

Learning to eat in our high chairs 

It had also been so fun to watch them discover Maverick and him adapt to them. He let's them pet him and is so gentle with them. We are beyond lucky he is such a good puppy!!  And on that note I've got kids to out to bed!! (Obviously forgot to post this so.....pretend this was posted a week ago!)