Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pool time!

Oh how much has changed in a year! Last summer Alex screamed in the pool and Kylie....well Kylie's face was this:

I guess you could say she was not impressed! 

Florida was better when they were 8 months, they were ok splashing a bit but had a short attention span

Last weekend it was gorgeous so we pulled out Mavs pool (sorry buddy!) and filled it up. Mav went crazy and jumped right in. This got Alex and Kylie interested! They got in and finally looooved it! Even when they face planted they flipped over got up and played again. I see a very fun summer ahead!!

Mav says "why you make me share"

Mav demonstrating splashing technique.

Playing with her boat

Playin with Mommys toes

Life guarding at it's finest 

Getting daddy wet...meanwhile Alex's wet butt was on Mommy

Working on that tan

Bring on the next warm weekend so we can fill up the pool again!