Monday, September 23, 2013

18 weeks

Well we are just a week shy of being half way through the pregnancy!! Love that my doctor has said we will not go past 38 weeks with twins (but hopefully we make it very very close to 38 weeks! I want these peanuts cooking as long as possible!) Ok time to get to it...this weeks pics

You can see a small bump from the front but otherwise I look normal

Happy Mav

Pensive Mav
Weeks along: 18

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: Tired but otherwise great! Occasional episodes of nausea this week but otherwise good. Totally over the charley horses I keep getting and the pain in my butt from my sciatic nerve being pinched....(come on babies be nice to mama!)

Total Weight Gain:  10 pounds give or take a pound, at the doctors office my weight was only up 7.5 pounds, but my scale at home says 10 pounds so we'll just go with that, its closer to the goal of 20 pounds by 20 weeks (which I'm not seeing happen at this point)

Babies are the size of: A bell pepper

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Nothing this week 

Sleep: Still able to sleep great but waking up with back pain in the morning

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: Being able to be more helpful! We went this past weekend to help our friends move and all I could do was supervise and play with the dogs...ok I didn't mind that at all, but I would have felt more useful if I could have picked things up

Best part of the week: Bought all our stuff for the gender reveal party! Can't believe we are only weeks away from knowing the genders!!! Also decided on nursery themes! But we're not telling just yet :)

New Baby Gear: Nothing this week, holding off until I know the genders

What I'm looking forward to this week: Ed has his diaper keg this weekend. So excited one of my brothers if flying in to celebrate and for Ed to have a big party with his friends to celebrate the twins. 

Should be another low key baby week or two but then we kick it to high gear to get things ready! Can not wait! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

17 Weeks

Whoop there it is :) The bump has begun (I can't say I'm thrilled about it, but it was gonna happen at some point!). You can certainly tell by the end of the day I'm pregnant. In the morning it is sketchy. Still able to hide it easily under flowy tops and still fit in my regular skinny jeans (as long as I use a belly band). You can not tell at all from the front or back I'm pregnant (YAY!). From the side there is a tiny little bulge...although it still looks like one to many cupcakes instead of being pregnant. 

Weeks along: 17

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: Tired but otherwise great!  Also feel like I'm in that awkward stage where it looks like I had one cupcake too many instead of actually being pregnant....thank goodness for loose shirts being in style right now                                                               

Total Weight Gain:  10 pounds (EEK!)

Babies are the size of: A turnip

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Not sure if it was the babies or the amazing fall weather but this week I've wanted apples and caramel dip and pumpkin anything! 

Sleep: Still able to sleep great!

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: My normal jeans being able to button!

Best part of the week: Started to move all my stuff out of the soon to be nursery (goodbye second closet). Almost totally empty room now! Hung up some of the clothes the babies have gotten from their grandma's and some of my friends. (SO fun to see the closet filling with baby clothes)

New Baby Gear: Stroller arrived this week!! Still sitting in a box but one major item checked off! I think we are still going to try to do furniture and carseats by the end of the month. 

What I'm looking forward to this week: Our doctors appointment! It got canceled last week b/c our doctor had a labor to go to (its what I get for signing up for the on call doc that week!). This should be our last appointment until we know boys, girls, or both!!

Back to growing babies!!! :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

16 weeks!

16 Weeks in and feeling fantastic!!! Well minus being super tired but that's nothing! I am finally starting to get a hint of a belly. It is more visible in the evenings then the mornings. I can still button my regular jeans but by the end of the day (usually right after dinner) I am unbuttoning them for extra room. You can see a slight hint of the belly in these pics. 

Poor Mav is not liking being involved

Don't let him fool you, he's not excited to be sitting here, he was distracted :)

Weeks along: 16

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: Tired but otherwise great!                                                                    

Total Weight Gain: 7 pounds, got on the scale at work and could not believe it. Guess its true that with twins the weight goes on fast in second trimester. Still in shock they want me to gain 20 pounds by 20 weeks....don't know if I'll get 13 pounds on in 4 weeks but we'll see!

Babies are the size of: An avocado

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Pasta

Sleep: Still needing a lot. Really dragging by the end of the work day...I miss caffeine!

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: Could have gone for a beer or glass of wine during girls weekend!

Best part of the week: Two of my good friends from grad school came to visit. So much fun to see them and they were SO sweet bringing me a huge gift bag of stuff for the twins and myself. Love all the stuff they brought me that they wish they'd known about when pregnant or had in the hospital. Will be so nice to have! So lucky to have such amazing friends. Also was fun sending out the invite for our gender reveal party. So excited so many people are able to come already. Also REALLY excited we will have all our parents here at once, this hasn't happened since our wedding! Will be so fun and special :)

New Baby Gear: Bought the stroller! Still not 100% sure this is the one I want (I really like one other one too) but the sale was over this week so we decided to buy it and then return it if we go with the other stroller. Also bought the twins these onesies: 

 Ed of course loved the onesies!! :) 

What I'm looking forward to this week: We have our 16 week doctors appointment this week. Hopefully we get the "everything looks good" and that I have gained enough weight so far. Will be fun to see the twins on ultrasound again. 

This week we might paint the neutral portions of the nursery, the other portions we will decide color on once we know the gender in 4 weeks. Can't believe we are that close to knowing if we are having boys, girls, or both!! SO excited to find out :) Will keep the blog posted!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

15 Weeks

Another week down! 25....or less to go!!! 

Still really not much of a belly....I'm guessing its any day now...there is no way with twins that those two aren't about ready to pop out and make me stop wearing my regular clothes

Mav says "Mom are we done with the group shots yet? I'm getting sick of this. Or can I at least have a frosty paw after for my efforts?"

Weeks along: 15

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: Tired and occasional headaches. Some nausea but mild and not every day now :)

Total Weight Gain: We'll just say 2-3 # still because our scale is broken so I couldn't get a weight. I'll get one at work this week :)

Babies are the size of: A naval orange

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Ruffles potato chips and French onion dip, Oreos

Sleep: Still needing a lot. In bed no later then 10 PM on a work night (and even over labor day weekend didn't go past 1030 (I am such a party animal now) sleep til 730 on a work day and as late as 9 on days off. How am I stll tired all day??

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: This week I wanted cucumber rolls from my favorite sushi place....sadly since they might use the same knife as on seafood ones I'm not allowed to have them :( Better safe then sorry though!

Best part of the week: Mom and dad came to visit so we got to spend the weekend with them. Showed them all the paint swatches (there are like 40) we are debating between for the nursery and looked at baby stuff. No major purchases though, really trying to hold out until we know genders. Also loved starting maternity clothes shopping (not the having to buy larger clothes part) but having Ed and both my parents there giving opinions made something I was dreading to do so much more fun. PLUS Jessica Simpson has a maternity line that was ADORABLE so I got some good items there. I also MAY have used the twins as a reason to get 4 new pairs of shoes....I mean a girl can't wear heels when she's carrying twins so naturally I just *HAD* to have two cute pairs of ballet flats and two pairs of flat boots. I am loving my brown riding boots and dark brown Ugh knock offs, they will give me some seriously happy feet :)

New Baby Gear: Baby wipes (they had a sweet sale at Target and you can never have enough of these!) Also know we got our two baby Bjorns thanks to my amazing mother in law who picked them up this weekend. Mom and dad came equipped with cute onesies and sweat suits for the babies! Cant wait to put them in it! 

What I'm looking forward to this week: Two of my good friends from grad school are coming to visit and go shopping with me. Will be fun to have a girls weekend (although one I'm not quite used to, there will be no alcohol because 2/3 of us are pregnant!!)

This week we will make our stroller decision as they are on sale at Target, there are so many its overwhelming! I will probably choose all four...yes four (2 for each car....sigh...we're going to be broke but so worth it!)....carseats as well to ensure the one we like is compatible in the stroller we get. I am also going to sign Ed up for a CPR class and both of us up for a multiples class. I figure thanks to my entire education we'll be passing on the all about baby classes but want to sign up and get in to the other classes soon in case we have to do bedrest later. 

Time to get back to stroller life is SO exciting right now! Here's hoping next week we have 1 stroller and 4 carseats purchased so I can move to the next item on my very very long to do list :) Until next week....where there be belly or no? :)