Saturday, February 22, 2014

Maverick meets the Twins

The day we brought the twins home from the hospital, Maverick was strategically at daycare so he'd be tired that night and a little calmer.....and so we'd have a few hours to adjust without the added chaos of a dog :) When Mav got home, we had the twins in their pack and play and directed Mav to his bowl to eat first. Of course he instantly noticed the pack and play and started sniffing like crazy but the thought of food was enough to get him away from there. After he ate, we took him to the pack and play and pulled out Kylie first. There was a lot of sniffing but he took to Kylie. Then we put Kylie back and pulled out Alex, he was a little shocked (appalled....disappointed....nervous...pick your word!) there were two. However he sniffed Alex as well and then after putting Alex back down he got a new toy which made him very happy.

Getting out Kylie

Looking in where Kylie came from

"what is this thing"

Sniffing Kylie

"Mom I'm not sure about this thing you brought home...I wanted a puppy"

"There's two?!"

Sniffing Alex

Watching Alex get put back to sleep

Not to sure about the babies

Just sitting and seeing what the babies do

Slowly becoming their protector
Over the past two weeks Mav has started to adapt to the twins. He gives them kisses every morning. He lays by them when they play on their playmat. He even tolerates mommy putting the twins on him for a photo op. He is going to be a great big brother :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

1.29.14.....BEST DAY EVER!

January 29 started as what had a become a normal Wednesday for us. Got up and took the dog to daycare and then got ready for a half day of baby appointments. We had a biophysical profile at 11 AM followed by our 36 week check with our OB. I was not expecting to hear anything new (although I was very hopeful I would!). I had lost my mucus plug (that was lovely) at 35 weeks and 6 days but had read that did not mean labor was necessarily around the corner. The night I lost my plug I had more regular contractions and called the OB who recommended we come in if they get 5 minutes apart....they never did. Then on Tuesday the 28th at work I felt a small drop of fluid go down my leg, it was clear and small so I thought nothing of it. While sleeping the 28th, I awoke two separate times for again just a drop of fluid. By the second time awakening I thought maybe it was my water breaking but no contractions.

At our biophysical profile I mentioned to the nurse doing my ultrasound I questioned if my water broke. She recommended we check while in the hospital so they took a swab and 3 minutes later she says "Your water broke you are having these babies today!!!" She called the doctor, found out when I ate last, and started our hospital admission. Ed began the phone calls to all the grandparents to be! About an hour later we were taken to our hospital room and it was at that point I started having some contractions. They were tolerable but as time went on got really close together and much more intense. By 4:30 I was taken to the OR for our c-section while Ed got dressed in scrubs. He was then brought back to me once I had my spinal put in and was placed on the table for surgery. At 5:04 we heard the strong cries of sweet little Alex immediately followed by sweet little Kylie.

Both were babies were taken to isolettes and examined. Ed cut bought umbilical cords and was able to hold Alex almost right away. The staff in the OR was faboulous, one took Eds phone and just started snapping photos like crazy. I did not think I wanted pictures in the OR but once I saw them I was so grateful that they took pictures, including our first family picture:

I have to admit, not having to labor for hours and hours was kinda nice! I don't look tired at all in the picture!! Just wish I'd worn make up that day ;)

Here are some other OR pictures, thought it was cool they took photos of each baby with their weights behind them on the screen. So introducing for the first time ......

Alexander Joseph 5# 1 oz and 19 inches

Kylie Ann 4# 10 oz and 17 1/4 inches

Because Alex and Kylie were both under 2500 grams, they automatically bought themselves a stay in the special care nursery. There, they were placed in isolettes to control their temperature and started on IV antibiotics until a blood culture came back negative. They had close glucose monitoring and in addition were on a heart monitor and had their oxygen levels monitored. This would become their  home for the next 7 days. While Alex and Kylie were being settled in special care under the close eye of Dad, I was in recovery working on my blood pressure which had become quite high as I had developed pre-eclampsia.  After about 3 or 4 hours in recovery I was briefly taken to special care nursery to see the Twins again before going to my room for more close monitoring. Here I am in special care getting to actually hold Alex for the first time:

The next 24 hours were rough due to my blood pressure and the medication I was on for it. I didn't get to see the babies again until about 24 hours after their birth. Luckily the babies have an amazing daddy who spend nearly the whole day with them and getting great tips from the nurses in special care.

Daddy feeding Alex

Holding both babies, a difficult challenge when both are on monitors!

Getting to feed Alex for the first time

By the third day things were looking up for all of us. I was more mobile and feeling better. The twins glucose's were stable and they were keeping their temperatures steady on their own so they did not need Isolettes anymore. So they got to start discharge planning (even though that was still 4 days away!). This included passing a hearing test, passing a car seat test, and passing a cardiac test. Daddy tagged along for all of these.
On their way to car seat testing

Alex during his car seat test

Kylie in her car seat test. 
We finally got a second family picture:
2nd family picture

By Sunday February 2, my blood pressure was stable on medication so I was discharged. The twins were out of isolettes, had stable glucose's, but still had a few days to go. Alex was still being monitored for dropping his oxygen level when mad. Kylie was being monitored for weight. Leaving them in the hospital that night to go home was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I can't even imagine what it is like for moms who have their babies even younger then ours and are in the NICU for weeks. It is just not right to have to leave your child in the hospital and not be there (even when you know they have the most amazing care and nurses and its in their best interest).

The next few days I spent all day with the babies and Ed came straight over after work. We continued to have family visiting the babies which was so nice. Each day the babies did better and better. And I continued to go more and more camera crazy (sorry babies!)

Kylie and Alex

Holding both babies at the same time, for the first time on the day I was discharged
The grandparents after visiting the twins

Grammy and Aunt Lesley with Kylie

Grandma and Grandpa Aussieker with the twins
On Wednesday February 5 we were given the all clear to bring the babies home. Words can not express how ecstatic Ed and I were for this. After meeting the neonatologist for the final time we got our discharge paperwork, got the babies off monitors for the first time, and headed home.
Daddy holding Alex for the first time without monitors
Holding Kylie for the first time without monitors
The twins snuggling for the first time out of my belly! Also in their going home outfit

Tucked in tight in their carseats
Loaded up and ready to go!
The time we walked out of the hospital room!
Waiting in hospital lobby for daddy to pick us up
The car ride home was uneventful. Alex fussed a touch but otherwise it was a quiet 30 minute drive. Daddy drove extremely carefully with his new precious cargo and mommy sat in the back between car seats (tight squeeze!!!) to make sure the babies did ok the first time. When we got home we settled the babies in their pack and play for their first nap at home. It felt so good to be at home with our babies, it was a moment we've waited a long long time for and I'll never forget it :) As we settled into a routine for the day we knew there was one more big thing that had to happen.....meeting big brother Maverick who was currently at daycare :) But we'll make that a post for another day because right now I've got some adorable babies to snuggle up to.
In their pack and play
Home at last :)