Sunday, June 29, 2014


I got Kylie a new skirt the other day. The first time she wore it she was amazed by the fluffiness! I was taking pics of her, then her and Alex then was about to do her again when BAM photobombed by Alex! Here is the order, it all happened in under a minute!

Then a pic of both 

Then back to Kylie but Alex wasn't havin it:

This pic cracks me up EVERY time! You can't recreate the perfection of this pic between the joy on his face and shock on hers! One of the many reasons raising two at once is so muh fun......we now get to see them interact with each other and it's amazing!! So lucky :)

New ride!

We decided it was time for a new stroller. After lots of research we went with the baby jogger city GT. We wanted this to be our last stroller purchase and the kids to grow into it.

The stroller came over th weekend and we LOVE it! So easy to push and lots of room for kids to grow! The seats recline in case we need them to nap in it. Best purchase ever! 

I'd say they love it to!! 

It's a party!

The twins went to their first birthday party today for our neighbor, she turned 1. It was a great party with great food and decorations! The twins were also a hit and had a lot of people wanting to hold them :) 

Ready to go!

Kylie and the birthday girl! M had a great with the smash cake if you can't tell!!

Happy Birthday M! We hope you had a great one :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fathers Day

Today was Ed's first Father's Day! I wanted to make sure it was as special as can be. I started the day by going with Alex to Target at 8 am for donuts (Kylie would have come but it was to early for the little peanut who loves to sleep). When we got home Ed was up so the kids gave him the gifts they made in daycare and the gifts I bought.

All 3 kids and their gifts and donuts

Alex and daddy

Alex and the gift he made

Kylie and daddy and her gift

After gifts we all got ready and went to lunch at clives where Les and Nate joined us :)
Daddy and Kylie at lunch

After lunch we went on a long walk and then relaxed the rest of the day until we ordered pizza!
Daddy and his mini me

Daddy and his babies

Daddy and Kylie

Alex and mommy 

Kisses for Kylie!

It was a perfect Father's Day for the best dad ever to the twins! They are so lucky to have such a loving, funny, and caring daddy and I am so lucky to have such an amazing guy to share this crazy adventure with! Happy Fathers Day Ed!

New toys

Wrote this on my phone 3 days ago....guess it didn't publish :)

Saturday night Ed and I put together the kids jumpers after they went to bed. An hour of horrible instructions later the jumpers were done! Sunday morning we put the kids in, they were a hit!

After playing we went on a walk and then went to the mall. After the mall we had floor time! 

Off to put kiddos to bed! They are tired from the day :) 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Late birthday dinner

This past weekend Ed's mom and step dad visited us which allowed Ed and I to go out for a nice birthday dinner! Ed took me to Ruth's Chris! It was delicious!!

The night before we did a family dinner at Hell's Kitchen. Minus Kylie's melt down, it was fantastic! 

Before dinner at Hell's Kitchen!

It was so nice having Janet and John here! Ed and I love our babies but it's nice to have time just for us! Plus, the babies love the time with grandma and grandpas!! Until the next visit!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best birthday ever!

Today was my 31st bday, I feel like most people dread anything over 30.....but I've just decided 31 is the new 21 and 21 was frickin awesome so this will be too :) I've been saying this phrase to Ed constantly lately and was super amused to open my gifts today......that came in this bag:


We started the day with baby cuddles. Then, after getting the twins ready for daycare, we dropped them off. I mean…… If we are paying for it, might as well use it. Free date day!

Morning smiles for mommys birthday!

Alex ready for daycare

Kylie ready for daycare

After we dropped off the kids Ed and I took the dog for a run then went to our favorite breakfast place. It was so nice, we were able to sit in the sun on the patio!

Mmmmm banana and caramel and cinnamon French toast!

Then we went home, filled mavs pool, and worked on our tans. I am finally caught up on my People magazine!

When we'd had enough sun we figured may as well catch a movie since we still had a few hours of daycare left. We saw a million ways to die in the west, some funny parts but more of a rental.....however the popcorn was great :)

After we picked up the kids and got them ready for my bday dinner at Olive Garden!

The kids were so good at dinner! Alex slept and Kylie ate her hand:

Thanks hubby for making this the best birthday!

June 8

Today will always be a special day for me. One year ago today we did our embryo transfer. Little did we know we'd be lucky enough that both embryos would take and we'd have sweet Alex and Kylie! It's crazy how our world has changed in one year and that are two embryos turned into these sweethearts and our mini me's!

Kylie and I on June 7
Ed and Alex on June 7

And a few taken on June 8, one of the most special days for us:

So thankful to have our twins, they make every shot, blood draw, and procedure we had to do 200% worth it! So cheers to June 8!