Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Big Snow!

We had our first big snow in the beginning of December (Yes I'm a little off timing here as this should have gone up before a few other posts). Normally I'd say screw it, but Ed took such nice pics of the snow with his fancy camera I just had to share a few :) We ended up getting about 14 inches total. I learned how to snowblow (that is way harder then mowing....who would have thought!). We took Mav in the snow about 3 different times and of course our snow doggy just loved it! Here are a few pics from Ed:

He was SO funny watching go through the snow!!

Snow up to the belly!!
Running towards mom....
And knocking her over
Big Pine in the backyard

Whatcha measuing mom? Up to 9 inches and still going strong!

He's such a "special" dog
It was a fun snow day, and I was SO thankful it was on a weekend so my commute didn't blow!! Can't wait till the next big snowfall! But this time I"ll leave the snowblowing to Ed :)

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