Saturday, February 22, 2014

Maverick meets the Twins

The day we brought the twins home from the hospital, Maverick was strategically at daycare so he'd be tired that night and a little calmer.....and so we'd have a few hours to adjust without the added chaos of a dog :) When Mav got home, we had the twins in their pack and play and directed Mav to his bowl to eat first. Of course he instantly noticed the pack and play and started sniffing like crazy but the thought of food was enough to get him away from there. After he ate, we took him to the pack and play and pulled out Kylie first. There was a lot of sniffing but he took to Kylie. Then we put Kylie back and pulled out Alex, he was a little shocked (appalled....disappointed....nervous...pick your word!) there were two. However he sniffed Alex as well and then after putting Alex back down he got a new toy which made him very happy.

Getting out Kylie

Looking in where Kylie came from

"what is this thing"

Sniffing Kylie

"Mom I'm not sure about this thing you brought home...I wanted a puppy"

"There's two?!"

Sniffing Alex

Watching Alex get put back to sleep

Not to sure about the babies

Just sitting and seeing what the babies do

Slowly becoming their protector
Over the past two weeks Mav has started to adapt to the twins. He gives them kisses every morning. He lays by them when they play on their playmat. He even tolerates mommy putting the twins on him for a photo op. He is going to be a great big brother :)

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