Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The twins celebrated their first Easter on April 20. The Easter bunny brought them each a Disney songs cd to listen to and an Easter book. They also each got an Easter outfit! They were of course thrilled for all of this! Maverick got a new toy, but of course had to explore the babies Easter baskets to make sure he got the best gift :)

Mommy had to stage the babies for some cute Easter photos.....Pinterest inspired of course:

Here they are in their Easter outfits:

I had two outfits for each (in case of spit up) so they wore the other outfit the day before Easter: 

It was a beautiful day so we went on a long walk with the kids and Mav. Their Aunt Lesley, Uncle Nate, and cousin Rocky were able to celebrate Easter with us, so they came on the walk too. I can't imagine a better first Easter for the babies!

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