Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Breakfast Club

One of my favorite Purdue Traditions is Breakfast Club. Once you are old enough to get into the bars on all home football games, you are at the bar by 7 am in Halloween costumes! It is so fun! The drinks are cheap, the 80s music is blaring, and the costumes are fantastic. People put thought into every costume they wear. Although we are hours from Purdue and the kids may or may not go there, we still want them to learn our fun traditions. So this week we let them so their first breakfast club! Granted there were no Screwdrivers and instead they has formula but they rocked a good costume! 

Here's to hoping in 21 years we can take our kids to Purdue for a breakfast club and experience it the way Ed and I know and love :)

Boiler Up!

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