Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So Halloween came and went. Ed and I both had to work so we didn't get to hand out candy this year :( However we did find a dog Halloween party to take Maverick to a few days before. (Yes we are those types of dog owners). Maverick did not appreciate being dressed up initially....but once he got there and saw all the other dogs (there were over 40) in costumes he was so excited he forgot how silly his mom made him look. It was also nice that we were able to go with our neighbors and their adorable little boy, their dog, and another neighbors dog (Mav loves playing with all of them). 

The party was great, they had an area decorated for fun pictures and booths set up for "tricks for treats." Maverick just had to sit and then he got to catch a treat, he thought it was the best thing ever. They also had a trick or treat hall where you walked your dog down and every few spots the dog got a dog treat and owner got candybars, mmmm snickers! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the night: 

 Maverick the dinosaur, Rudy the Cowboy, and Kloey the frog

Maverick in his costume...he's such a cute Dinosaur

Our neighbor's little boy and his dog, SO CUTE

Mav and Rudy

There were treats being held above my head as I took this, that was the only way both dogs looked at the camera

40 minutes later he was practically unconscious in the car....a huge success!

Happy late Halloween!! Next up...our trip to Orlando!

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