Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday Festivities

Only one year to go till the big 3-0! Since my birthday fell on a Sunday this year and the weekend it was in I had a bachlorette party, I managed to drag it out a full week of festivities! You can imagine how much I loved that! 
Me and my Bestie @ the Twins game

All the girls at the first bar stop on the pedal pub for Annies bachlorete party....even though it was only 10 AM its 5 o'clock somewhere :)

The girls on the Pedal Pub for Annies bachlorette party

Me and my bestie at the bars for Annie's Bachlorette Party
 The day of my birthday, I got up (surprisingly not too hungover from the night before's festivities) and opened presents with Ed. I managed to act like a grown up all week and stock piled all the cards and gifts I got and waited to open them until my actual birthday (this was MUCH harder then I thought it would be but I did it!). I got an awesome new hairdryer, a bunch of gift cards, the cutest Purdue wine glass, soaps and lotions, and candy. Not to shabby if ya ask me! Ed gave me tickets to Blue Man Group as they were in Minneapolis the weekend after my birthday and I had been wanting to see them for a long time. We spent the rest of the day laying out in the sun and then that night we headed to Olive Garden for dinner, yum! That night we had some of the birthday cake Ed made me, it was delicious! He did such a good job decorating it too! Here are a few pics:
Mav soaking the sun on my birthday

My cake from Ed

Where's Maverick?

Some of my birthday cards
The Friday after my birthday Ed and I went to rock bottom brewery for dinner before Blue Man Group. I was pumped to get their Mango Mojito (Delicious!). After our food we walked around downtown a bit to kill some time and then headed to the Orpheum for the show.  At this point I still didn't know where we were sitting and since I have the patience of a 5 year old I was dying by the show to know. We walked in and kept walking closer and closer to the stage. We ended up in the center of the auditorium in like the 7th row. FANTASTIC seats!!! As far as the show, I think I expected blue men to play music and splash around in paint. We saw a lot of that, but there was a lot of comedy in it too. It was hilarious. Ed and I were laughing like the whole show to the point where our cheeks hurt. If you ever get the chance to see it I would highly recommend! I would also recommend sitting up close and NOT sitting on an aisle....unless you want to be on stage. 

Saturday we had a relaxing day. Slept till 10, got up and ran errands and got lunch at buffalo wild wings. Then came home and watched tv for a few hours before getting ready to go to Wild Bills for a night of drinking and dancing to round out the birthday week with friends. It was a great night! 

Today was recovery day....we have been relaxing all day. We did manage to leave the house to get groceries and to visit Cupcake. Cupcake is an amazing cupcake store in Minneapolis. They recently won Cupcake wars, Cupcake Champions, and the grand cupcake champion on the food network. We recently checked out the show they wont it all and have been craving it ever since. Here are some of the cupcakes we got: 2 Cookies and cream, 1 Mad cow (chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting), and 1 Smores (chocolate cupcake with toasted marshmellow frosting). You can check out some of their other cupcakes here: 

Here's a photo of what we got today....well minus one, I made it about 30 seconds in the house before digging into a cookies in cream, so yummy!
I think that's it for wedding next weekend so should have all kinds of things to blog about :) Only 51 weeks left till the big 3-0, better start planning now! :)

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  1. Ah, the birthday that never ends...I love it! Looks like a great time!