Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend @ home

So this post is about 2 weeks delayed....but I had to get it up before I write about wedding season (my favorite time of the year!!) We were pretty busy in June. We started it with Max's hs graduation. The following weekend I had a bachlorette party for a great friend. Then the next weekend we celebrated my birthday (last year in my twenties eek!) a week late. The next weekend was my cousins wedding (next post will be on this). And the last weekend of June I worked (boo!) The weekend we hung around the house and celebrated my birthday was gorgeous! So we filled up Mav's pool and got some sun. Here are a few pics from the day

Clueless he's about to get his pool out

Laying in his pool as it fills

Happy boy

Already dripping in water from fighting the hose


Shake it off

We decided he needed to wear a hat....this is my fav pic we got, love the tongue out

Ok you got your picture guys, can we take it off?

I'm done guys, take it off, no more pics

Ed's fav picture he took of Mav
That's all for now....will try to post wedding season pics soon and our trip back to Purdue!

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