Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girls Weekend!

I love all the time I get to spend with the hubby, but every now and then a girl needs a girls weekend :) In the beginning of November I was lucky enough to have one with two of my favorite girls from grad school. I don't know how I would have gotten through grad school without them. We had been trying to find a weekend for over a year but between work, weddings, and babies it was not working out. In July we finally looked out far enough to find the lone November weekend we all had free. We locked it down and then I waited impatiently for almost 5 months for it to get here!

The girls got in late Friday so we ordered pizza, opened a few bottles of wine, and popped in Magic Mike. There was lots of laughing and catching up! Hopefully we weren't too loud for Ed and Mav :) Saturday we went to my favorite breakfast place in Blaine. It has THE best pancakes ever. Everything is homemade there and I love taking all our visitors up there. After we high tailed it to Mall of America and let our shopping spree begin. A few coffee breaks, snack breaks, lots of shopping, and about 6 hours later we left with aching feet and empty wallets.

The Saturday night we took on downtown Minneapolis. I took the girls to Hells Kitchen which is my current food obsession. They have awesome live music and the food is amazing! I went with my standard bison burger and sweet potato fries....I know what you're thinking...bison burger? I thought that too the first time, I mean why would a burger loving girl like me venture from beef?! Ummm b/c it is the most tender delicious meat ever! Oh and its healthier so thats a perk. After eating we went to my new favorite bar, Prohibition. It has gorgeous views of the city as its on the 20 something floor of a hotel. Its very swanky and has over priced drinks....but they were delicious! A few martinis later we headed home and had a dance party with the kinect :)

Jenn, Me, and Nikki at Prohibition

Delicious Martinis!

It was a perfect and much needed girls weekend!! Special thanks for the Hubby for putting up with us!! Was sad to see the girls go but can't wait to do this again!! Love you girls, thanks for visiting!!!

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