Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! Luckily for me the man I love, loves Halloween too. Maverick does not seem to share our appreciation of it....but I have a feeling that that's because we stuff his large body into costumes. Honestly he does pretty well as long as theres nothing on his head. This year he started out being Hugh Hefner....just a cute red velvet robe and a pipe that squeaked. Naturally he loved the pipe and we hated it :)

Inspecting his pipe

You mean this really makes noise?! FUN!

I tried to get him to bite his mustache toy and pipe at was quite the effort

The closest I got to the pipe and mustache at once....good effort by Mav though, we worked on it for 20-30 minutes and he didnt get to annoyed :)

Inspecting carefully

Turned his robe into a hoodie! I don't get why he isn't amused hahaha

Anyways like a week later Ed and I were still searching for the perfect Halloween costume for the Halloween party. We eventually decided on Mario and Luigi, SO FUN! AND I got a glitter mustache necklace and Ed got puffy white hands! So Mav needed to match the family.....naturally :) Luckily I found a dinosaur costume at Target and Bowser was born!!! Here are some pics from Saturday night:

Mario and Bowser

Mario, Bowser, and Luigi

Mav getting into costume....dinosaur body...not bad....he was still happy, notice ears up

Add dinosaur head....ears down...sad Mav haha

Punching through some blocks haha

Love the big white hands haha

Glitter stache!

Driving to the party....mariokart?? :)

At the party

Love this picture

Ed & Nick

Battle Shots!!!!!

Me & Devan

Shots with Devan

All in all it was a fabulous Halloween :) Until next years!!

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