Tuesday, January 14, 2014

34 Weeks

WE DID IT!!!!! If the twins decide to show up at any point now, they will be allowed to! I truly didn't think we'd make it this far at the beginning. Now I'm starting to think the stubborn little things will make us wait until 38 weeks!!

Weeks along: 34 weeks

Trimester: THIRD!

Frequency of OB appointments: Weekly. We will have two this week, one with our high risk doctor and then one with our OB after our weekly stress test/biophysical profile

How I'm feeling: Dizziness and lightheadedness is getting worse. Back pain is horrible.  Exhausted. Having Braxton Hicks contractions numerous times a day now. Starting to get a little swelling on my ankles if I'm on my feet to long (cankles are not an attractive feature!). Excited!!! We have 4 weeks or less until our twinkies are here!!!!

Total Weight Gain:  31 pounds (I know its all baby but a little piece of me wants to cry every time I get on the scale now....that's a lot of weight!!!)

Babies are the size of: a pineapple

Movement: Lots of kicking and punching in this mama's belly. Also lots of contractions going on (still just Braxton Hicks I think)

Cravings:  Fruit, especially pineapple

Sleep: Still sleeping without the need for extra pillows. 

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!! 

Belly button: Innie! *But its a VERY tight innie!! 

Bedrest/Restrictions: No change at this point, still only can work 4 days a week and need to take it easy on weekends. Doctor did mention if my dizziness worsens any more we may need to think about taking away my driving privileges.....really hoping this doesn't happen because if it does that would mean house arrest......no thank you

What I miss: Being comfortable! My cute normal clothes. 

Best part of the week:  Passing another stress test for the babies and knowing they are still healthy as can be

New Baby Gear:  Nothing new, but did install the car seats! Actually don't think we will be having any other new baby gear until they arrive....we are ready!

What I'm looking forward to this week: Prenatal massage....I had one scheduled for last weekend but when I got there it turns out if you have a high risk pregnancy (twins are considered high risk) you need a doctors note first......soooo had to reschedule. Sad :( Oh well I guess now I have something to be excited for next week

Whats left to do before twins comePick names, finish packing hospital bags, get a plan together for Mav in case babies come before the 10th. Start the search for the Nanny. Pamper myself ;) Enjoy the last few nights of sleeping through the night! Spoil Maverick rotten!! 

Until next week....keep cooking twinkies!!! :)

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