Sunday, March 2, 2014

1 Month :)

can't believe the twins are already a month old! It has been the best month I could ever imagine. Looking back it is crazy to me how far they both have come....its even crazier that really they should be 5 days old today as they were actually due 5 days ago! We'll see if I can keep this up each month but here are some highlights of the past month:

Weight: 7 pounds 9 oz (as of 4 days ago). 4% for his age!

Diaper size: Newborn

Clothing size: Newborn

Feeds: Gentlease formula. Taking 4 ounces every 3 hours. He is our little tank! Also our messy eater, his food dribbles out constantly as he sucks so fast that he can't keep up with swallowing! He likes to look you in the eyes when he eats and often has his hands on the bottle.

Sleep: He goes to bed at 9:30 after having a diaper change and bottle and listening to lullabies. He usually wakes around 12 or 1 to eat and then goes back to bed easily for another 3 hours and again eats and will sleep another 3 hours. He sleeps by himself in his crib. He is a noisy sleeper and grunts a lot in his sleep but other times he is very relaxed with his arms above his head (if he was able to get them out of his sleep sack) and a smile on his face. He takes 3 naps a day, one in mommies arms, one in the pack n play, and one in the crib. He LOVES to be snuggled and would sleep exclusively in mom or dads arms if given the chance.

Health: At the beginning of the month when he was born, he had some de-saturation issues when he got mad. His oxygen level would dip down, fortunately the neonatologist thought it was behavioral and he just had to "Mature" and he would outgrow this. He was diagnosed with reflux around 3 weeks and has been on Prevacid. Since starting this, his spitting up and mood have been much better. Had a circumcision at mom's office at 9 days old. Lost umbilical cord at 12 days old.

Behavior: Such a smiley boy when he's happy. When he wakes up you have about 5 seconds to put a bottle in his mouth or all hell will break loose. He will let you know he is unhappy!!! He has a super loud cry when he's mad. When he is awake he is very interested in his surroundings and takes everything in. LOVES to look at the lights. Looks you in the eye when you are feeding.

Play : He LOVES to look at lights when he is awake and will stare at them until he falls asleep. We have tried an infant stimulation app on our i-phones with him and he loves that too. He is very content to lay on his playmat although he has no idea what to do on it, he is happy though just staring at the mobile and listening to music. He loves to be in his boppy and this is a life saver in the middle of the night when his sister is eating. Loves his pacifier.

1 month photo:

Weight: 6 pounds 4 oz (as of 4 days ago). 0.4% for her age, she is our peanut!

Diaper size: Newborn

Clothing size: Newborn but also fits in Preemie

Feeds: Breast milk from a bottle during the day and Gentlease formula at night. Taking 3 to 3.5 ounces every 3 hours. She is a VERY clean eater and doesn't dribble much. She does tend to spit up some if you don't get a good burp. When you feed her Kylie likes to hold your finger or have both arms relaxed at her side

Sleep: She goes to bed at 9:30 after having a diaper change and bottle and listening to lullabies. She would probably go at least 4 hours at night, but since her twin wakes up to eat about every 3 to 3.5 hours she gets woken up by default! She is a good sleeper and will sleep by herself in the crib. She sleeps better if she is in her sleep sack. She LOVES to snuggle (prefers chest to chest). Takes 3 naps during the day, usually one in mommies arms, one in the pack n play, and one in the crib.

Health: At the beginning of the month when she was born, she was so tiny she was monitored for growth the first week of life. Once home started to be very fussy after feeds and spit up a lot. At 3 weeks she was put on Prevacid for Reflux and is doing much better. She will take her medicine well as long as you don't hold her cheeks, if you hold her cheeks she will spit it up. Lost her umbilical cord at 2.5 weeks.

Behavior: Such a mellow little girl. Has the cutest smile. Looks you in the eyes when feeding (if she is really awake for it). Will patiently wait her turn to be fed, which works well since brother does not like to wait :) Rarely cries and when it does its a soft cry.

Play : She is not huge on playing yet, she will lay on the playmat by her brother but just ends up falling asleep. She'll sit in the boppy but then gets annoyed with it. She does enjoy her vibrating chair (although it still doesn't have batteries and thus is just a chair) and will happily sit in that. She loves sucking her pacifier.

1 month photo:

And a few of them together :)

Some of our highlights of the past month:
*Taking them home from the hospital a week after they were born

*Introducing them to Maverick and watching him adjust to them. He seems to favor Kylie slightly (probably because she is quieter). He gives them kisses each morning and they do not mind being slobbered on.

*Getting them to sleep in their cribs (the first few nights were rough!). They are still hard to get down at 9 PM and will fuss but by their midnight feed its smooth sailing the rest of the night

*Their first Valentines Day.

*Their first visit to the doctors (they actually had 4 visits this month, Alex's circ, 2 weight checks, and 2 week check)

*Doing their newborn photos. One of our favorites:

* Watching them grow. Just looking back at their pictures from the hospital, I feel like they have changed so much and are developing such personalities!

Alex in the hospital:
Kylie in the hospital: 

Alex at 30 days old:
Kylie at 30 days old
The twins around 3 weeks old in matching shirts:

We feel so lucky we get to be their parents and raise them. Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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