Sunday, March 30, 2014

First walks

It finally happened! It got above freezing in Minnesota! The last weekend if march was nice, 40s Saturday and 50s Sunday! Of course that meant everyone was outside (and true to Minnesota form there were the token dumb people without coats in shorts!). Since the side walks were finally clear of snow we decided to take our first family walk on Saturday. We went about a mile. The babies slept the whole time and Mav was just thrilled to be out of the house. It was still cool so the twins were bundled up! 

In their winter coats (3 month sizes so they were WAY to long and poor Kylie filled about half of hers width wise)

Loaded into their car seats:
And in their stroller:



Since the first walk went so well we did it again Sunday! It was much warmer so the twins didn't need their thick winter coats, instead they got by with a zip up sweatshirt and blanket! It was a gorgeous two mile walk. 

I'm sure we are quite the show walking down the street! Looking forward to starting daily family walks again with our two new additions!

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