Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Better late then never right??? At the beginning of the month we went on our first family vacation! We went down to beautiful Panama City Beach. The weather was perfect!! The kids....were sick....the whooole time :( Poor Kylie started the day before the trip with a touch of the stomach flu....Alex had it a few hours later. We got them checked at MD the day before to make sure ears were good to fly, Kylie had an ear infection and Alex had a sinus infection. Needless to say we got antibiotics and decided to chance it the next day and fly to FLorida! Luckily no more pukies by the time we flew and both kids did great on the trip there! Their ears did not seem to bother them at all. They slept for most of both flights. They played great in the airport over their layover. In Atlanta we met up with my brother, SIL, and nephew who were also going on the trip.

Plane ride there: 
Kylie loves looking out the window

Bounce me daddy!

Playtime in Atlanta over our layover with cousin Jayden:

Flight from Atlanta to PCB, Kylie and I had an empty seat by us!

When we got to PCB we went to the condo first and checked in. 
Love this view

Fed the kids and let them play a bit. 

Alex helped me unpack:

Then wet hit up Target for supplies and food! That night we all went to dinner. By the time dinner was over, Kylie had begun with diarrhea and both kids had nasty coughs. :( This proceeded to go on most of the trip, but she was a trooper (even though everything that went in came right out) and we were still able to do a lot. We rode the carousel, went out to eat, did mini golf, swam, walked the beach, went to the Pier. The kids really did great overall. They didn't sleep as good as at home but they did nap better then at home (Yay for tanning time for mom and dad!!!).

At the Donut shop

Best donuts in town!

Pier Park

Cousins send a message to Grandma since she couldn't make the trip! It was for Grandpa too :)

On a beach walk!

Splashing in the pool!

Mini golf shenanigans!

Chilling on the pier after seeing their first dolphin!!


Chilling at the pool

Cousins before dinner

More mini golf shenanigans

Family pic at mini golf! It's a lot harder to do it with a baby strapped to ya :)

Sunset pic with my girl :)

My boys :)

Watching the sunset on the last night

Saying goodbye to paradise

Overall it was a good first vacation. If I had to do it again, I would probably bring extra help so we could have a break from the kids or a nap haha! OR I'd just let them be a bit older. Regardless, looking back we have some great memories.....can't wait until our next family a year or so when they are bigger ;)

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