Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Halloween!

Ed and I loooooove Halloween! So naturally we are hoping the kids pick up on this. I figure in a few years they probably won't want to dress up to match so I'm taking full advantage while they can't talk! The hardest part was finding something that worked for both kids AND had something that would work for the dog (yes I'm that person!) eventually we settled on Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook! The kids got decent use out of the costumes. The weekend before we took the kids and Mav to Stone Mountain Pet Lodge (Mav's kennel and daycare) for their annual party. The kids Aunt Lesley, Uncle Nate, and their dog Rocky also came! It was fun to watch the dogs be in costume (the kids were mesmerized by it!) and have some snacks.

The day before Halloween I sent the kids to school in costumes. I didn't want to risk them getting sick on their costume and having to wash it the night before so we sent them in back up costumes. Introducing Rapunzel:

And Top Gun Pilot:

The costumes were big hits at school :) On Halloween the kids started the day playing and having waffles for breakfast.

Then we went to do their 9 month pictures (will post on that when I get them back, but I will say they are going to be CUUUUTE!). Then it was an afternoon at home with mom in our Halloween outfits. 

After dinner and some pictures:
Such a cute smile behind that hand

We got ready for Halloween. 

The kids went trick or treating at one neighbors house. It was cold so thats really all we needed :) The neighbors loved the kids outfits and were so happy we stopped by. If only Mav knew we were at the house that gives him treats each day! After that we went home and handed out candy. Kylie wasn't feeling so great so Ed put her to bed while Alex helped me. He just LOVED seeing all the costumes, he wasn't scared by one. He was also very interested in the candy bowl :)

It was a great Halloween. I can't wait for next year....better start planning costumes now ;)

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