Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The kiddos have had a rough winter with ear infection after ear infection. We finally saw ENT in January and after Kykie barely passing her hearing screen and Alex failing his it was decided to do ear tubes. So on Feb 20 we got to the children's hospital at 6 am to check in. Everything went so smoothly and everyone was amazing with the kids (this is why you go to a children's hospital if you have the option!) when we arrived to check on the kids got to play til they were taken to pre-op

Once they got to pre-op we put them in their hospital gowns which the kids loved as I'm sure they felt naked and that's their favorite way to be. The room was equipped with age appropriate toys so the kids dove right in:



While the kids played anesthesia came to meet us as well as our surgeon. At 7:25 they took Alex back to the operating room, he's so brave he didn't even need Mom or Dad to go with! He just snuggles in with the nurse anesthesist and off he went no tears. His surgery took about 15 minutes and while he was away Kylie took full advantage of being the only kiddo in the room:
"Woohoo the diaper bag is all mine to unpack!"

"Mom look at my duck face"

Silly girl!

Shortly after this anesthesia came to take Kylie to the OR, she also went without mom and dad with no problems (my kids are so brave!). Just after they took her they wheeled a tired Alex back on to us. We were told he did great and only cried in recovery when his sugar water ran out (go figure! Haha! Poor baby was starving since it was 8 am and he hadn't eaten since 8 pm the night before. In sure the sugar water he had in recovery was the best thing he ever tasted after we "starved" him lol)

Snuggles with Mommy

About fifteen minutes after Alex came back, Kylie came back to. She also did great and evidently is quite the snuggler after anesthesia! The recovery nurses didn't want to give her back (I don't blame them)! Kylie did throw up all over Mommy from the anesthesia but after that she also felt great! We were back in normal clothes and out the door by 9!!

Twin snuggles!

It all went so smoothly and we are so hoping this surgery let's their ears feel better, lower ear infection frequency, and help their hearing!!! We will see :) thanks to the awesome children's hospital for the great job taking care of our babies!!

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