Monday, February 2, 2015

My babies are ONE!!!

The kids turned one last week (12 month post to come) and I can not believe how time has flown. At this time last year they were still in the special care nursery and I had just been discharged. Now they're walking, babbling, clapping, and just being frickin adorable nonstop! They are so entertaining and always make me smile! For their birthday Ed and I took off to spend the day with them (yes I know they won't remember but we sure will!!)

The night before I took their last picture as babies......waaaaahhhhh!

When they woke up (as toddlers eek!!!!) we put Kylie in Alex's crib (one of her new favorite things bc evidently it's hilarious to wake up your brother) and dumped balloons on them. They thought that was as amazing as a new toy! (Why do we buy them gifts when we could just get balloons and tissue paper is beyond me!)

After balloon time they played and had breakfast. We put them down for a nap so we could have Starbucks in peace.....I mean get ready for the day :) when they woke up we got them dressed and headed to Mall of America. 

At Mall of America they got to eat Noodles and Company in the food court and watch the rides go. 
Mmmmm Mac n cheese

That roller coaster looks fun, when can I do it?

After lunch we hit up the aquarium. The kids were mesmerized by the fish and sharks and sea turtles. They loved everything about it.....except not being allowed to crawl....they were not pleased their options we're be carried or be in stroller. 

Looking at starfish in the touch pool

Looking at fishies!

Daddy and Alex with the shark

Mommy, Kylie, and stingray 

After the aquarium we let them get a bear at Build a Bear

After this the kids were tired (and Mom and Dad too!) so we went home for naps and playtime. Then we had dinner (tacos their fav!) and Aunt Lesley joined! After dinner was cupcakes and presents!

Kylie shoving the whole cupcake in her mouth

Alex quickly caught on

Best friends congratulating each other on devouring their cupcakes 

After all the excitement they got to play in the bathtub and then it was bedtime. It was a perfect day celebrating our two sweet kiddos!! It's crazy it's only been a year but we can't imagine life before them. So here's to you babies!! Happy birthday we love you soooo much!!! And here's to Ed and I, we survived the first year with twins!!! It really is double trouble but also double the laughs and giggles and double the hugs and fun! Wouldn't change a thing! 

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  1. You guys are naturals as parents of twins! Happy first birthday, Alex and Kylie!