Monday, January 2, 2012

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

Ok it's been awhile :) I kept forgetting to get all the pics on Ed's camera and put them on this...and then I didn't want to get out of we'll just do a few posts over the next  few days to get up to date :) The week before Christmas we went with our neighbors to the train yard in NE Minneapolis. There was a "holiday train" coming in that would stop and also have live music. Apparently this train would make about 70 stops over the Holiday season, very neat! Here are some of my favorite pictures from it: 
The train coming in

One of the carts opened up and out came the band, country and christmas music, jackpot :)

In front of a festive cart!

It was a fun....cold night :) Glad we were able to check this out. Got me in the holiday spirit!! :)

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