Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pet Insurance

When Ed and I were deciding to get a dog Ed wanted to get a purebred so he would be healthier and have less problems. This is how we ended up with sweet Maverick. Sadly for Maverick few health problems is not the case. This dog is at the vet like every 2 months!!! Whether its his annual well check up, his allergies are bad and he needs steroids, his face has swollen up like a pit bull (that was a real fun bill at the emergency vet), seizures, or eye infections I feel like we are ALWAYS at the vet. Its a good thing the vet is super nice, super close, and Mav loves going there or it would really be a pain! We considered health insurance a time or two but thought it would never pay for itself.....I'm really reconsidering that thought now!

We had a good stretch for not going to the vet  (3 months) until today. He's had a weird smell coming from his ears and they've been waxy. We kept cleaning them out and even had the groomer do it, but it kept coming back so I thought I'd zip him in to the vet to get it checked out. Go figure, double ear infection. So a hundred bucks later we have our first vet visit of 2012.

I asked the vet how he got this and she asked if he likes to roll his head in the snow....my mind instantly flashes to images of this: 

This dog LOOOOVES snow! As soon as he sees it collecting he is face planted in it and rolling his head in it like a snow plow. Apparently that moisture got stuck in his ears and a bunch of yeast grew leading to the lovely ear infection. I guess the next snow we get Mav will have to snow plow a little less.....or we'll just wipe his ears real good after :) It's going to be a long 21 days of ear drops! YUCK! Here's hoping puppy and mommy can keep their sanity through 3 weeks of ear drops :) Off to put in the drops....and reprice pet insurance!

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  1. Hey girl - they probably won't insure you anymore! I was thinking of getting that for Roary, but then he had a benign tumor and then I thought I should get it but my dad told me I would probably be denied now!! figures, doesn't it?!!