Monday, January 2, 2012

Ed's Golden Birthday

Ed turned 29 on the 29th this year.....aka his Golden Birthday! I was set on doing something special for it so I through a surprise birthday dinner downtown for him. It turned out great and he was super surprised. I planned it about 3 weeks before his birthday and fortunately he doesn't ask a lot of questions about what we're doing so it was easy to keep a secret.

The day of his birthday at about 4pm I got the brilliant idea to swing by Burger King and see if they still had those gold crowns from when I was little, how fun would that be to make him wear! I left work at 5, knowing I had to go to Target and Herbergers for errands for the party, get home, do my hair, make Ed put on a gold colored shirt, and leave by 6:45.....time crunch much! I hit up BK first, the good news was that they had the crown, the bad news was that it is now blue or pink. BOO! I took the crown and then scrambled to Sherwin Williams for Gold Spray paint...I think the guy there thought I was nuts when I told him what I wanted and why. I then high taled it to Target for some amazing gold heels I had seen there. Before I got out of the car I did what any normal person would do though and put the crown on the parking lot of Target and gave it a nice spray paint coat...I'm sure they appreciate it haha. It reminded me of my days back at Purdue Freshmen year when my roomie and I decided we needed glitter jeans so we put jeans on the hallway floor and COATED them with glitter then hairsprayed it to keep it there....I'm fairly confident that hallway is now permantently coated in glitter outside our old room....your welcome Earhart Hall :)

I made it home with 40 minutes to spare. So Maverick and I gave Ed his presents. He already had gotten the Ipad 2...but I wanted him to have a few things to open so we got him some smaller things.

Then it was off to the party!! We met 8 friends at Rock Bottom Brewery (thanks to all who came!!!) Ed thought we were meeting our good friends Katie and Tyler for dinner. It was great because when we walked in and saw everybody the first thing he says was "That's not just Katie and Tyler." I loved it! Once we sat down I ran back to the car to get the crown I had hidden and then once he put that on (he was SUPER excited to wear it)  he got his bling that the Schwartz's had made him, thanks guys!! After a few hours of eating, drinking, and laughing we headed home. It was a fun night. I can't thank everybody who came enough, it meant a lot to both of us :) Here are a few pics of the bling!

His spray painted crown (man that stuff dries fast!!) Can you tell how much he loves it?


Mav wearing Ed's bling, hes so cute!


  1. Love the pic of Mav wearing the bling!!! I am LOL!!!

  2. What a memory!! The crown looks cute on Mav as well!