Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hail, hail to old Purdue!

The first weekend of July Ed and I had a wedding in Indianapolis. We figured since we were so close to Purdue we should make a pit stop and get some new Purdue gear and see how campus had changed. I hadn't been there in 6 years and Ed hadn't been there in about 3. It was SO hot, the temp was over 100 and that was without the heat index. We quickly found ourselves checking out a few areas then going back to the car to sit in air conditioning for a few minutes and drink water and then repeat. It took awhile but we got all around campus. Naturally we ended the trip with a stop at the Discount Den for  one of my favorite Purdue things, a Den pop! They are basically over sized pops and are 50 cents.....now they're 56 cents (seriously 56? why not an even 60?!) but still worth it! Here are a few pics Ed took while on campus!

118 Waldron, ZETAS! My home for 3 years of college :O)

Love this place, still looks exactly the same

On the 2nd floor just to the left of all the pillars is the room Lisa and I had our first year in the house

New addition to Mackey Arena, super nice

Looking into the engineering mall

Fountain in the engineering mall

Sweating it out by the fountain

Bell Tower

New statue on campus....made the mistake of touching it...sooo hot

Hello Walk!

Sooo tempted for a fountain run at this point

Got in a little bit, felt so good!


Hope the next time we visit isn't another 6 years away! Boiler up :)

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