Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My cousin's wedding

On June 29 my cousin got married! Ed and I were able to fly back to Morton for the wedding and a weekend of family fun. The Friday night we went to dinner with mom & dad and then met up with Jeff and his friends at the bars. I felt a little old when they didn't go out till 10 PM and I was ready to put on my pjs but we still made it out!

That Saturday mom played in the Pekin Country Club womens championship tournament......AND WON!!! Then we had Cara's wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous! As always it was another fantastic Aussieker wedding.....4 down....just Jeff to go....one day :) Here are some of my favorite pics from her wedding

Ed and I before the reception

Me and my sister :)


Katie, me, and Brittany

Jason, Ed, and Jeff

Getting ready to do a shot with Brittany and my cousin Brian

Me and the gorgeous bride!

Yay for table 9, love my family

The Aussieker ladies: Katie, Aunt Cindy, Mom, me, Cara, and Shannon
Such a fun night! Can't wait for the next Aussieker wedding :)

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