Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Office Renovation

I've had a long list going of things I'd like to update ever since we got our house. After 4 years, the office was finally up :) We needed to paint it a different color b/c I'm kinda over all the brown in the house and I wanted a new desk. We had a crappy brown one I never loved but it was free when we moved in so how could we say no! I had been looking at nice black executive desks for about 6 months but they were all $700 plus....I finally found one at Target that I loved!! It didn't even cost 1/4 of the other desks I had seen. Jackpot :) So we bought the desk....and when it arrived Ed knew it wasn't long till we were at the paint store.

We did the renovation the way things always go when I decide on a project.....fast. We had the room cleared out, walls wiped, holes filled, paint up, desk together within 36 hours. And I LOVE how it turned out. We still need to get a small table for the corner to put a cute lamp on and the printer and router. We also still need to hang out diplomas, but otherwise its dunzo! Here are some pics:



Before...ugly brown desk...ugly metal file cabinet

Too much brown....Ed's diploma wasn't even hung

The desk ready to be assembled

Taped up and ready to go, buh bye brown

Ed checkin out the supplies

Our little "helper"...he did not appreciate getting locked out while we painted

2nd paint coat up! LOVE!

View towards the closet before putting book cases back up

Looking towards the hallway....time for furniture

Putting the final touches on the desk....Mav has found his new sleeping location....Ed didn't need leg room right?

Our new desk! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! File cabinets built in, much wider. More organized on top!

Bookcases put back together

Hopefully we'll get the small table for the printer soon and the diplomas hung then the office will be done. What renovation to do next......kitchen? Our bathroom? Only time (and I hear it will be a long time) will tell :)

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