Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vacation in Florida

In September Ed and I went down to stay at my parents condo for a week.(Thanks mom & dad!!!) It was SO nice to get away from work and life for a week and just relax! We didn't plan it, but we were also down there on the anniversary of us being together for 5 years (awww sooo sweet!)

Getting there was a fiasco as always. Would it kill someone to let us have a trip with good travel luck? We left our Minneapolis gate and then came back and sat at the gate for an hour.....thus missing our layover in Atlanta (in retrospect i shouldn't have thought 45 minutes was enough....but who am i kidding, Atlanta is ALWAYS delayed!!!!) We managed to get on standby on the last flight out of Atlanta once we got there and we made that flight. However we did not make the rental car store which was closed. We got the last car at a neighboring rental car place which was fortunate but it was so small Eds head practically touched the roof! Oh least we made it!!!!

Our days consisted of sleeping in, going to the pool, playing mini golf, happy hour, and dinner somewhere fun (live band or on the beach!). It was perfect! The weather was almost perfect too. We had 2 really rainy days in the middle (Thanks hurricane issaac reminants) but the rest were great. We managed to make do on the rainy days and did bowling, shopping, a movie, arcade games, and drinking :)

Towards the end of the trip we made our drive to Seaside Florida that I insist on every time we go to PCB. Seaside is where the Truman show movie with Jim Carrey was filmed and its the cutest little seaside town. I love walking around and seeing the houses. Theres also a GREAT bar on the beach with a beautiful sunset view that clearly we couldn't pass up. As always it was great to get back home to see Mav....but I am missin the beach already!!! Here are some (ok a lot) of pics from the week!

Drinks at the Atlanta airport to de-stress once we knew we'd get to PCB that night

Just some snacks for the week

On our way to the bars on our first full day in PCB

Ready to hit PCB running!

View from the condo...paradise

Black light mini golf, so cool!

Sunset from the condo

Sunset from dinner on night #3, GORGEOUS

After dinner and the sunset at Schooners

Ice cream break

Dinner and shopping at Pier Park

Huge waves from Hurricane Isaac

Mini golfing

Ed goofin around at the mini golf course

Kisses for the giraffe

Hole in 1!!

Hole in 1!

Our version of a Corona ad

More huge waves from Isaac

Beach Walk

Love him :)

Seaside Florida, isn't it cute!

View from Happy Hour in Seaside

Sunset at Seaside

Us at sunset in Seaside

Happy Hour Drinks

Pool time

Mini golf on our last day

10 rounds of mini golf later vacation was over :( Ed won 4 games, I won 3, tied 3!

Enjoying drinks before dinner

I could do this every night

Beautiful PCB on the last day.
Until next time Panama City!!

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