Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buy one Get one free!

Ed and I have been very blessed in our lives with many things, but getting pregnant naturally was not one of them. Luckily thanks to amazing modern medicine and fabulous doctors we still had a chance :)

After 2.5 years of trying to get pregnant, a failed insemination cycle, an IVF cycle that resulted in a miscarriage, our 2nd IVF cycle was the charm!!! We implanted two eggs again, 2 days before my 30th birthday (that has to be good luck right? Being on bedrest for your birthday?!) Here are the two egg babies in their little petri dish:
Petri Dish babies
I had a feeling the IVF had worked the second time b/c I got bloated fast!  I was so confident it worked that I cheated and took a pregnancy test the day before our blood work to confirm if we were or were not prego. When I got the results I had to show Ed:
Left this by his computer to find, he was beyond ecstatic
Mav had to be involved in showing off the positive test

When we were 7 weeks along we went to our fertility specialist to do an ultrasound to see if the IVF had resulted in a healthy baby....or babies since we'd used 2 eggs. We were instantly excited when we could tell right away there were TWO sweet little babies in there. Our doctor immediately said "Buy one get one free"! We were full of emotion, shock, excitement, happiness, gratefulness. I told Ed, I knew we cold get two but I just didn't think we would be this lucky after everything we went through. It was everything we had been hoping for.
Family picture after finding out there are TWINS!

The proud big brother

Twins first ultrasound picture! They will be fraternal twins
The next few weeks were hard, we decided not to tell anybody until we could tell our parents in person, so we had to be sneaky to find ways to see them all. Of course we also had a vacation to get through. Luckily it was to see my best friend and she already knew we were pregnant (Had to have someone to talk to as we went through everything!) so no having to sneak around there. I will say though, it was odd to watch everyone else drink when I couldn't (guess its something to get used to!). By week 10 we were able to tell our first set of grandparents, Eds mom and step dad.
We surprised them with a cake

Next up were my parents, who we told at week 11, we surprised them with bibs that said "I Love my Grandma" and "I Love my Grandpa". I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the bibs! Finally we told Ed's dad and stepmom and Lesley and Nate by having Maverick where a bandanna.

After that it was just sit and wait until we hit the 2nd trimester to tell people! In that time I started taking Belly Pics:
12 belly...yay!

Not a good picture for 13 weeks, you can't tell because of the maxi but still no belly!
 And finally......we hit week 14! Second Trimester and finally time to make it official to the world!!! We announced it this way:
We have been overwhelmed by the sweet texts, phone calls, cards, gifts, e-mails,  facebook posts and messages we have gotten from friends and family. Its going to be a crazy journey but we are ready for it! I know there are sleepless nights ahead and it will be twice as hard at times but its also going to be twice as rewarding and I can not wait!!!!!!

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  1. Such a beautiful blog, we are so excited to enjoy the lives of your beautiful babies too! Love you both! Mom and dad