Monday, August 26, 2013

14 weeks!!

We are officially in the 2nd trimester!!! So my goal (We'll see how long I can keep it up) is to do a weekly belly shot on here along with some stats from the week! So here we go!

Very very tiny bump...then again that could just be all the chocolate chip cookies I ate today

Gotta let my furry baby be involved :)
Weeks along: 14

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: Tired and occasional headaches. Some nausea but mild. Still amazed I have not thrown up once, how lucky am I!!?!?

Total Weight Gain: 2-3 pounds (still not sure how I'm going to hit the 20# my doc said would be great to gain by 20 weeks!!)

Babies are the size of: A lemon!

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Ruffles potato chips and French onion dip

Sleep: Getting tons! Luckily fall asleep much easier then normal (thanks exhaustion) and am out cold till morning.....except for my middle of the night bathroom break that I could do without! Last weekend slept 11 hours both Friday and Saturday nights

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Thank goodness no! But I'm slathering on coconut butter like its my job!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet! Crossing my fingers I can make it to at least 32 weeks before needing bedrest! Have already been told no travel after 28 weeks!! Lets hope I can keep these munchkins in as long as possible!!

What I miss: Really wanted Subway Turkey sandwich this week and couldn't have it, so sad!!

Best part of the week: Being able to tell everyone we are pregnant! I hate secrets!!! The sweet messages and texts and phone calls were overwhelming. So grateful to have such amazing friends and family

New Baby Gear: Nothing this week, but we did pickup paint swatches to start narrowing down colors. Trying to hold off until we know the genders!

Here's to seeing what next week brings on this crazy amazing journey! Next MD appointment is in 2 weeks so can't wait to see them move all over the ultrasound again, they are so active on ultrasound, I think I will be very sleep deprived once I can feel them moving....alll....the....time. :)


  1. I am so excited to be able to share in your progress! Can't wait til you feel them move, so amazing! Love mom

  2. I love these updates :) so fun I hope you keep them up. Thanks for sharing on your journey with twins. xox Kelly