Sunday, September 8, 2013

16 weeks!

16 Weeks in and feeling fantastic!!! Well minus being super tired but that's nothing! I am finally starting to get a hint of a belly. It is more visible in the evenings then the mornings. I can still button my regular jeans but by the end of the day (usually right after dinner) I am unbuttoning them for extra room. You can see a slight hint of the belly in these pics. 

Poor Mav is not liking being involved

Don't let him fool you, he's not excited to be sitting here, he was distracted :)

Weeks along: 16

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: Tired but otherwise great!                                                                    

Total Weight Gain: 7 pounds, got on the scale at work and could not believe it. Guess its true that with twins the weight goes on fast in second trimester. Still in shock they want me to gain 20 pounds by 20 weeks....don't know if I'll get 13 pounds on in 4 weeks but we'll see!

Babies are the size of: An avocado

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Pasta

Sleep: Still needing a lot. Really dragging by the end of the work day...I miss caffeine!

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: Could have gone for a beer or glass of wine during girls weekend!

Best part of the week: Two of my good friends from grad school came to visit. So much fun to see them and they were SO sweet bringing me a huge gift bag of stuff for the twins and myself. Love all the stuff they brought me that they wish they'd known about when pregnant or had in the hospital. Will be so nice to have! So lucky to have such amazing friends. Also was fun sending out the invite for our gender reveal party. So excited so many people are able to come already. Also REALLY excited we will have all our parents here at once, this hasn't happened since our wedding! Will be so fun and special :)

New Baby Gear: Bought the stroller! Still not 100% sure this is the one I want (I really like one other one too) but the sale was over this week so we decided to buy it and then return it if we go with the other stroller. Also bought the twins these onesies: 

 Ed of course loved the onesies!! :) 

What I'm looking forward to this week: We have our 16 week doctors appointment this week. Hopefully we get the "everything looks good" and that I have gained enough weight so far. Will be fun to see the twins on ultrasound again. 

This week we might paint the neutral portions of the nursery, the other portions we will decide color on once we know the gender in 4 weeks. Can't believe we are that close to knowing if we are having boys, girls, or both!! SO excited to find out :) Will keep the blog posted!

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