Sunday, November 10, 2013

24 Weeks

I've had this written for a week but been to lazy to load the pics until today...but here is 24 weeks!

You can't really tell in this dress (which is NOT a maternity dress, yay for still fitting!!!) but I still have a waist!

Weeks along: 24

Trimester: Second

Frequency of OB appointments: Every 2 weeks with OB and every 5 weeks with perinatal for growth ultrasounds

How I'm feeling: More or less of the same....tired, nausea, headaches, sciatica, back pain, dizzy. I could probably handle the tiredness and headaches and pain just fine if the dizziness would go away. It pops up at the most random times and is so annoying!!!

Total Weight Gain:  20 pounds

Babies are the size of: An ear of corn. Actually baby boy weighs 1 pound 8 oz and baby girl is 1 pound 6 oz (roughly based on ultrasound). Best part is they are the size of a normal single baby so I am growing some very healthy normal kids!! Yay for them...bad for my ever expanding belly!

Movement: LOTS! Feel them both a few times a day but he continues to be more active then her. Ed was finally able to feel the boy move this week, little girl was uncooperative :)

Cravings: Nada

Sleep: I feel like I just can't get enough!

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Belly button: Innie!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet! However at our appointment this week it was brought up that I will likely need to cut my hours at work in the near future :( Going to stick with it as long as my doctor will let me though

What I miss: Feeling little! Also I miss people not wanting to touch my stomach....if you didn't put it there, don't touch it!!!

Best part of the week:  Ed getting to feel the babies move was awesome! I also loved maternity clothes shopping only because the lady there just was so sweet. She was saying everything I needed to hear that day, that I looked so small for twins, that you can't tell there are two yet, etc. It was just so nice to hear that I looked cute and little when I felt so blah. 

New Baby Gear:  New stroller came and the carseats fit great in it. 

What I'm looking forward to this week: Nothing in particular this week! Maybe more baby shower gifts showing up in the mail, I bet the UPS man just hates us haha!

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