Tuesday, November 26, 2013

27 Weeks

Happy Thanksgiving week!!! This year I am SO thankful for the twins we have been blessed with, it was a very long road getting to this point and it was not easy. However, without everything we had to go through and the IVF we would not be expecting TWO little peanuts to turn this house upside down!  It is crazy to me to think that this is our last calm Thanksgiving....starting next year we will have two peanuts crawling around!!! We were at our doctors appointment last week and our doctor was chatting with us about how different things will be this time next year. So fun to think of!! But for now we'll just keep these turkeys baking in the oven as long as I possibly can. With how well our OB visits have been going (on their end with their growth...not on how I feel!) they are going to make it to the very end without needing the NICU....fingers crossed I"m right about this!!!

Mav is thankful there are only 3 more months left of his weekly photos :)

Weeks along: 27 weeks

Trimester: Second....but last week of second trimester!!!!!

Frequency of OB appointments: Every 2 weeks

How I'm feeling: More and less of the same. Starting to get some pelvic pressure from all the weight bearing down (luckily MD says babies aren't trying to escape yet!) so needing to take it easier

Total Weight Gain:  22 pounds.....doing a steady pound a week, just like the MD wants!

Babies are the size of: A head of cauliflower

Movement: Lots the past few days....they really get going to music. Clearly they are my children because they are LOVING the Christmas music I've been listening to in the car.....or they hate it and are beating me for listening but sorry babies mom is winning this one :) Christmas music is here for the next month!

Cravings: None

Sleep: So tired I can fall asleep about anywhere, but seem to favor the couch :) Sleeping well so far, fingers crossed this continues as long as possible

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Belly button: Innie! *But its a tight innie!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: Have to cut back my hours at work :( Only working 4 days a week now starting in December and she said we would re-evaluate as we go in case I need to cut back more. On the days I stay home now I have to be a couch potato....I can make my lunch and use the bathroom but otherwise am to be resting. Also need to try and do this at least one of the days of the weekend. Thank goodness I have a pile of books to read and holiday movies are in full swing on the lifetime movie network! I'm hoping those will keep my sanity :) The goal is that this will keep me off full bedrest. **fingers crossed**

What I miss: Being able to put on shoes and socks easily....being able to get off the couch or out of bed easily

Best part of the week:  Went through ALL the babies clothes they've acquired (holy spoiled) and got it all organized. So fun to see their tiny little outfits again. SO SO excited to play dress up once they get here, they have the cutest clothes! Even Ed was saying how he really likes their outfits and can't wait to put them in it. Took me 5 loads of laundry to wash it all.....oh the joys I have ahead of me as our laundry amount probably triples!

New Baby Gear:  Nada.....gotta get the shower stuff sorted through and put away first before we can tackle anything else

What I'm looking forward to this week: Thanksgiving!! I will be in comfy yoga pants and will be stuffing this belly!!! Also SO excited to have 4 days off to relax, I am worn out! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! 


  1. Kristen- what a great post for Thanksgiving!!! Hope you enjoy it and relax you look amazing and I hope you can keep on trucking and don't need bed rest anytime soon, happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Thanks for the sweet message Kelly!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! :)