Monday, December 9, 2013

29 weeks

Another week down....another week less in a NICU if the twins were to come tomorrow :) The further we get in, the more I feel like they will make it to 38 weeks and need to be induced/scheduled c-section. If that be the case....eviction date is set for Feb 10 2014! Which is 2 months and 1 day from today!!! Luckily the holidays are here to keep us distracted while we "patiently" wait :) 

someone was to tired to even sit up for pictures today. He says its hard being a model in maternity pics haha

Weeks along: 29 weeks (but my belly is measuring the size of someone pregnant with one baby at 32/33 weeks....eek!)

Trimester: THIRD!

Frequency of OB appointments: Every 2 weeks

How I'm feeling: Going on week 2 of a cold sooooo thats fun. Also getting a lot of lower back pain and still really tired. Working one day less a week has helped the fatigue a little though

Total Weight Gain:  25 pounds, holy smokes! Luckily it is def all least at this point

Babies are the size of: a small cabbage. At their ultrasound on 12/6/13, he weighs roughly 3# and she is roughly 2#12 oz....weights could be as much as 8 oz too much but even with that, those are some solid sized babies for twins!!! My poor achey back :)

Movement: Still moving a lot, their movements are getting stronger when they occur

Cravings: Fruit....pineapples, peaches, banana, oranges. Love it all this week

Sleep: Still sleeping without the need for extra pillows (thankful we have such an amazingly comfortable bed)

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!! Even the doctor was impressed this week that I still have none

Belly button: Innie! *But its a tight innie!! 

Bedrest/Restrictions: Only allowed to work 4 days a week and have to take it easy on weekends. 

What I miss: Wearing heels....I put on cute heel boots for maternity pics, wore them for maybe 35 minutes feet are killing me today from it....but anything for cute pics right? ;)

Best part of the week:  Taking maternity pictures!! We had a great photographer and I can not wait to see the photos when they are ready. She even let Mav come to her studio, and I have to say, I was so impressed at how well he listened to us and his Aunt Lesley to cooperate for the pics. I think the ones with him are going to be fantastic! It was maybe 10 degrees out and snowing that day so we did not take everything outside like I wanted, but we did venture out for about 5 minutes for a few outdoor pics.....hope they're cute after freezing our butts off!

New Baby Gear:  Highchairs came. Absolutely love our highchairs, the trays go in the dishwasher, they dont take up much space, and will be easy to travel with if needed. Genius! Also ordered the last pieces of artwork for the nursery walls. 

What I'm looking forward to this week: Getting our maternity pictures, starting the search for baby names (yes we've waited this long!), getting our baby books, and having Christmas #1! Since we can't go home for Christmas, the next two weekends we have family in town to celebrate with us. So excited to share it with them. Also will be fun to have family here over the holidays to see all our decorations. So excited, I love the holidays! :)

Until next week :) 

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