Monday, December 2, 2013

28 Weeks

WE DID IT! Made it to the third trimester!!!!! One of my biggest hopes for the twins was that I could make it this far without bedrest and we did it! I'm still hoping to cook them another 10 weeks so they can go straight home from the hospital without needing the NICU but we will see what happens :)

High fives to the 3rd trimester

Weeks along: 28 weeks

Trimester: THIRD!!!!

Frequency of OB appointments: Every 2 weeks

How I'm feeling: More and less of the same. Starting to get some pelvic pressure from all the weight bearing down (luckily MD says babies aren't trying to escape yet!) so needing to take it easier

Total Weight Gain:  Didn't get a weight this week

Babies are the size of: roughly 2.5 pounds each! We will get a more exact weight at our ultrasound later this week

Movement: So much! You can actually see my stomach moving sometimes, creepy but cool. This week I also was able to put Mavericks paw on my stomach and his sister kicked him! He was not so sure about that haha. 
Please excuse my appearance....I was not feeling well....however this is Mav feeling the babies! Wish we had it on video

Cravings: Pie! But maybe that is the Holidays talking

Sleep: Totally normal. Needing at least 10 hours a day

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Belly button: Innie! *But its a tight innie!! Kinda wondering when the outtie will come

Bedrest/Restrictions: Only allowed to work 4 days a week and have to take it easy on weekends

What I miss: Being able to get up easily. Having a harder time bending over and getting up off the couch. Luckily Ed is awesome at helping me up...I think he likes the arm workout from lifting me up :)

Best part of the week:  Celebrating Thanksgiving. I was a little under the weather all weekend but still had a nice holiday. Crazy to think next year there will be babies crawling around!!

New Baby Gear:  Finished getting enough bottles for the babies, got a few new outfits (thanks black friday sale at Carters!! Can you say $5 doorbusters!!), some new books, a few new toys, mirrors for the back seats so we can see our peanuts while driving, baby plates and spoons. 

What I'm looking forward to this week: Our two OB appointments. We see the regular doctor Thursday and I have my glucose tolerance test to HOPEFULLY say I don't have gestational diabetes......really don't want to have to go through any more shots after the IVF....but of course I"ll do what I have to do for the munchkins! Also we will have our high risk doctor appointment which means we get to see the babies on ultrasound for at least a good hour.  Its been 5 weeks since our last ultrasound so we are SO SO excited to see them again. So fun watching them move. I'm sure as always we'll see baby boy be uncooperative for at least part of his pictures (little stinker). Fingers crossed that this appointment goes well and all their little organs are still developing well and they are both growing and gaining nicely. 
I'm also really excited we have our maternity pictures coming up on the 8th! We will be taking some indoors in her studio and then IF there is snow outside we'll take some in the snow too! (No snow = no outdoor pics b/c I"m not freezing for just brown grass!) I'm so hopeful for snow this week, so far there are 4 days predicted to have a little.....hoping it happens!

Think its time to get back to Christmas movies!! Love this time of the year!!! :) 

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