Thursday, December 26, 2013

31 Weeks

Well had this post written since we were 31 weeks (Monday) but haven't felt great so didn't get around to a picture until pictures are 31 weeks and 3 days...but the rest of the post is what I wrote Monday (hence why it all seems before Christmas!!) So here are your 31 week and 3 day pics:

Kisses for his new siblings

There may have been peanut butter involved to make him kiss his siblings ;)

And now the post I wrote on Monday when we were 31 weeks and 0 days:
Merry Christmas!!!! Its our last "quiet" year we will be chasing babies around!!! It will be crazy the changes a year will bring.

Weeks along: 31 weeks

Trimester: THIRD!

Frequency of OB appointments: Weekly. And now each one includes ultrasound and stress test for the baby plus a check up

How I'm feeling: Still really dizzy and tired. Little short of breath. Back pain (but def improved thanks to the maternity belt, seriously want to hug the inventor of this magical device!). Finding I get worn out easier and easier with things that used to not phase me (cleaning, laundry, cooking, even shopping!)

Total Weight Gain:  26 pounds

Babies are the size of: a head of lettuce

Movement: Still moving a lot, if you stare at my stomach you can see it moving in all different directions thanks to the twins. Not creepy at all ;)

Cravings: None (How have I made it all pregnancy with like 0 cravings and 0 middle of the night fast food runs!)

Sleep: Still sleeping without the need for extra pillows 

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!! 

Belly button: Innie! *But its a tight innie!! 

Bedrest/Restrictions: Only allowed to work 4 days a week and have to take it easy on weekends. Ed has restricted me from Mavericks walks now that there is snow/ice on the ground, sad :( I love going on Mav's walks!

What I miss: This week the ability to travel as we were not able to go home for the holidays. Luckily we have amazing family and they have come to us over the past 2 weekends. 

Best part of the week:  At our doctors appointment this week Eviction Day was set!! If they do not come before, we have our C-section scheduled for 9:30 AM February 10!! Which is exactly SEVEN weeks from today. Its getting so close! I'm hoping they cook till at least 34 weeks (Doctor said if we make it that long they won't try to stop labor). I just have this feeling though (and daddy does too) that the twins will hold out on us until the 10th! 

New Baby Gear:  Tons of new clothes for the babies. They each got an Adidas track suit! Purple for her and Black for him, so stinkin cute. Also got some new books including the classic How the Grinch stole Christmas! I bought our bath tub mat. 

What I'm looking forward to this week: Christmas! This will be the first Christmas where its just me and the hubby! (And our only chance at this for a long time!!). Will be nice to have a quiet Christmas but we will miss our family! Also excited we are going to get our baby books this week and hang the artwork in the nursery (which will make the nursery 100% done!!!). 

Whats left to do before twins come: Pick names, Get baby books, Hang nursery artwork, pack hospital bags, get a plan together for Mav in case babies come before the 10th. Start the search for the Nanny. Pamper myself ;) Enjoy the last few nights of sleeping through the night! Spoil Maverick rotten!! 

Can't believe it is getting so close! 7 weeks.....49 days......or maybe even less if they want to surprise mom and dad! We are ready! Its been 3 long years getting to this point! Super excited :)

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