Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial weekend

We celebrated memorial weekend this weekend! I had a four day weekend and Ed had a three day weekend. I feel like we didn't do a ton but it went so fast! Saturday we cleaned, hit up target, took a two mile walk with Mav, and went out for dinner at Keys. Finished it up with delicious apple and cherry pie!!

Love her sweet chubby cheek smiles 

Sunday we took another long walk after breakfast. Then came home and babies had some playtime until lunch. 
"Hey Kylie, got any toys that I want?"

Play time on their mat 

Then after feeding the babies we went to the mall for the Carter's sale......the kiddos made out good! They are just so fun to shop for! After that we went to a BBQ at a friends. It was the kids first BBQ and they had a great time playing with the other babies!! 
Alex and two of his new buddies at the BBQ 

Monday we started the day with two extremely happy babies! I think the first hour they were up was just smiles and coos! I live for these mornings :) 
Kylie cracking up at Mav sniffing her

After breakfast we went on a shorter one mile walk bc it was so hot! Then we stopped by the neighbors to hang out. After lunch aunt Lesley and uncle Nate came over to see the babies. Alex and Kylie enjoyed some snuggles and took naps on their aunt and uncle. It was a great end to a good weekend!!

Memorial Day in rompers!

Another "first" holiday done, bring on the next holiday weekend!! :)

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