Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best birthday ever!

Today was my 31st bday, I feel like most people dread anything over 30.....but I've just decided 31 is the new 21 and 21 was frickin awesome so this will be too :) I've been saying this phrase to Ed constantly lately and was super amused to open my gifts today......that came in this bag:


We started the day with baby cuddles. Then, after getting the twins ready for daycare, we dropped them off. I mean…… If we are paying for it, might as well use it. Free date day!

Morning smiles for mommys birthday!

Alex ready for daycare

Kylie ready for daycare

After we dropped off the kids Ed and I took the dog for a run then went to our favorite breakfast place. It was so nice, we were able to sit in the sun on the patio!

Mmmmm banana and caramel and cinnamon French toast!

Then we went home, filled mavs pool, and worked on our tans. I am finally caught up on my People magazine!

When we'd had enough sun we figured may as well catch a movie since we still had a few hours of daycare left. We saw a million ways to die in the west, some funny parts but more of a rental.....however the popcorn was great :)

After we picked up the kids and got them ready for my bday dinner at Olive Garden!

The kids were so good at dinner! Alex slept and Kylie ate her hand:

Thanks hubby for making this the best birthday!

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