Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fathers Day

Today was Ed's first Father's Day! I wanted to make sure it was as special as can be. I started the day by going with Alex to Target at 8 am for donuts (Kylie would have come but it was to early for the little peanut who loves to sleep). When we got home Ed was up so the kids gave him the gifts they made in daycare and the gifts I bought.

All 3 kids and their gifts and donuts

Alex and daddy

Alex and the gift he made

Kylie and daddy and her gift

After gifts we all got ready and went to lunch at clives where Les and Nate joined us :)
Daddy and Kylie at lunch

After lunch we went on a long walk and then relaxed the rest of the day until we ordered pizza!
Daddy and his mini me

Daddy and his babies

Daddy and Kylie

Alex and mommy 

Kisses for Kylie!

It was a perfect Father's Day for the best dad ever to the twins! They are so lucky to have such a loving, funny, and caring daddy and I am so lucky to have such an amazing guy to share this crazy adventure with! Happy Fathers Day Ed!

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