Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday

We had a great Black Friday in Michigan. I spent the morning making Thanksgiving dinner with Ed's mom so we could have our Thanksgiving with them. After that the kids had some play time and then napped. They have discovers the piano and looove it!

Morning nap with Grammy while mom made side dishes 

Piano fun! Next Mozart?

After naps we went into town to do the Carousel. We were pleasantly surprised to find live reindeer too!!
With the kids first reindeer

Just goin for a drive before the carousel

Grammy and Alex on the carousel

Kylie and Papa on the carousel

When we got home we celebrated Christmas!
Can I pleeease open this?

Such a stud!

Ready to rip into presents

Team effort 

Very excited for his sports set

She was very excited her princess station has a mirror!!

Kissing herself in the mirror

Blew me away when we put him on this and he instinctively started rocking!! Smart boy! 

He loves his horse!!

It was a great Christmas celebration and Thanksgiving  celebration! The kids really love ripping off paper and then eating it. They also got excited for every single thing they got! They are soooo loved. I can't wait to get all their new stuff home for them to use!! 

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