Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 months

Oh my goodness its' been a busy month! The Holidays have kicked off and that has generated a lot of firsts. In addition we have had the house of germs for the past month which made a lot of visits to doctors offices, urgent cares, and even the ER. Mommy has changed her mind from just wanting a "silent night" for christmas to a germ free house for christmas!!  The kids are getting busier by the day!! They interact more and more with each other and do a really good job helping each other get into trouble...they've really secured their nickname as the Terror Twins or Trouble Twins some days! Regardless, they are SO much fun and keep us entertained. We love them so much!

Halloween!!! 10/31. Alex was Peter Pan and Kylie was Tinkerbell

Snowfall (that they were aware of the snow!) 11/10

Met their first Twin, Josh Grant! 11/14

Conference at School 11/15

Bath together 11/16

Time to ER :( - for Kylie for uncontrolled fever and breathing trouble 11/16

Time missing School for Kylie - 11/17

Breathing treatment - 11/18

Time Sledding - 11/22

Christmas Tree 11/22

First time in Santa hats 11/22

Christmas Present 11/22 (Christmas pjs and Santa hats!)

Jacuzzi Bath 11/22

Helping Mommy Cook 11/22

11/23 Discovering the dogs water bowl....oh what fun!

Road trip 11/25

Thanksgiving 11/27

Reindeer siting 11/28

"Car ride" Ride 11/28


Nicknames: Alex, Little Dude, Little Man, Pumpkin, little buddy, Bubba

Weight: 20 pounds

Height:  Will not get until 1 year check

Head circumference:  Will not get until 1 year check

Teeth: 2

Diaper size: 2, will probably move to 3 within the next few weeks

Clothing size: 9 month

Feeds: Target brand Gentlease.  He takes 8 ounces 3 times a day (7 AM, 3 PM, 700 PM). Due to the month of sickness the volume he takes dropped a bit to the point where we were lucky to get 4 oz in.  He gets table foods three times a day (9 AM, Noon, and then at 530 PM when we eat dinner). He LOVES table food and shoves it in by the fistful. He loads up both hands and shoves one in his mouth then while reloading that hand his other hand shoves food in his mouth. No wonder he is such a big boy! His current favorite is spaghetti, mango, and peas. His favorite snack is still puffs, but vanilla wafers is a close second. If he sees me eating and he is not, he will crawl into my lap and try to eat my food.....evidently I never get my own french fry or anything else for that matter....again! We are working on sippy cups, at this point he can drink from it if you hold it for him but if he does it on his own he just throws it or bangs it on the table. 

Sleep: He goes to bed at 7 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Dad wakes him during the week at 5:45 for a bottle. After this bottle he goes back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare OR if its a weekend he wakes around 7 or 8 AM on his own (apparently we are to excited to play with mom and dad now that we must get up earlier!). Sleeping went down the tubes this month with all the sickness. Numerous times up each night. We brought his paci back at night to help him sooth himself. He LOVES to snuggle a fuzzy blanket or anybody that will hold him at naptime. He takes 1-2 cat naps a day (about 30 minutes each ) at daycare. At home he takes a 30-60  minute nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap after lunch. MUST have pacifier to nap! He likes to sleep with his Lovie and sleeps so much better with it. He is a snuggler and will also happily nap on you given the chance

Health: Ugh where to start. He had the ear infection from Hell that would not go away. He went through three antibiotics before he ended up needing a strong shot in each leg 3 days in a row. The ear infection lasted about 3.5 weeks. Due to how bad it was, he now has to see ENT about getting ear tubes. In addition he has had a nasty cold on and off. At one point he was wheezing so he got to do Albuterol Nebs which did help him out. He took those pretty good, just layed on daddy and chilled. over Thanksgiving we thought he had pinkeye and were worried his ear infection was back so we went to an urgent care near Grammys house. Luckily ears were still clear!! However he now had Tonsillitis so he got to do yet another antibiotic. We have been off for a few days now and so far so good. I'm sure its only a matter of time before the next bug hits him though :( The joys of daycare!

Behavior: Such a smiley giggly boy! He is usually pretty mellow. He is one to crawl right into your lap and give you a hug or want to snuggle you, then after his huge he crawls right off and goes back to playing. Only upset when he is tired or hungry. He is starting to really explore things. He loves to babble, he loves saying "da-da" and willl even through in some "ma-ma" to humor me. He still lights up when the dog comes in the room. He gets the BIGGEST smile on his face when mom or dad gets home and can't wait to get over to them and get picked up. Loves to crawl into your lap for snuggles. 

Play : He loves anything that makes noise or lights up. Still loving his activity table and jumper. He LOVES touch and feel books and loves to sit in your lap and have them read to him. It amazes me that he knows exactly where to touch, even with a new book. He likes to take blocks and bang them together. We call it "bang bang" and he laughs when he does it. Mommy's hair is also a toy and is very fun to wrap our hands around. He loves the strings on Daddy's hoodies and will just giggle like crazy when he gets to pull on them. He is really starting to like his toy cars and will push them back and forth. He got a rocking horse and thinks it is the best thing ever, he instinctively new exactly how to use it, crazy! When we sing certain songs to him he really smiles and bounces, he loves when we sing the "dip" song to him and the song we made up "move it shake it". 

Crawling. Babbling. Pulling to stand. Walking along furniture. Putting sounds together (Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba, Ga-ga). Da - da is the sound he says most.

10 month photo:


Nicknames: Kylie Bear, Lil Diva, Princess, Lovebug, Pumpkin

Weight: 16 pounds

Height:  Will get at 1 year check

Head circumference:  Will get at 1 year check

Teeth: 0

Diaper size: 2

Clothing size: 6 month, a few 9 month things fit her

FeedsTarget brand Gentlease.  Shee takes 8 ounces 3 times a day (7 AM, 3 PM, 700 PM). Due to the month of sickness the volume she takes dropped a bit to the point where we were lucky to get 2 oz in.  She gets table foods three times a day (9 AM, Noon, and then at 530 PM when we eat dinner). Kylie LOVES table food, she is a very dainty eater and will pick up literally one piece at a time and carefully put in her mouth. Then she chews it and often, if she likes it, gives her MMMMM seal of approval. Her current favorites are spaghetti, mango, sweet potatoes, and peas. Her favorite snack is still puffs, but vanilla wafers and chocoalte pudding is a close second. If she sees me eating and she is not, ahe will crawl into my lap and try to eat my food.....evidently I never get my own french fry or anything else for that matter....again! We are working on sippy cups, at this point she can drink from it if you hold it for her but on her own its a lost cause.

Sleep: She goes to bed at 7:00 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Mom wakes her during the week at 6:45 for a bottle. After this bottle she might go back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare (but most days she is so excited to see Mom she just stays up and watches mom get ready). If its a weekend she usually sleeps til 7 and then wants to be up for the day. She is a good sleeper and will sleep by herself in the crib. She is taking about 3, 30 minute naps at daycare and if she is home she will sleep 2 hours in the afternoon. If she is over tired and throwing a tantrum she only goes to sleep if you cradle her and sway her back and forth. Does not have a real comfort item she needs to sleep at this point, unless you count Mommy cradling her.....Daddy is working really hard to be a comfort item too, but Kylie is in a "I need mommy phase". Prefers to be cradled into you rather then chest to chest.

Health: Kylie also had the ear infection from hell :( After two different antibiotics it spread from her right ear to her left. She ultimately ended up on the 3 days of shots to both legs and an upcoming visit to ENT about possible ear tubes. 2 weeks ago she was coughing so bad she was having a hard time breathing so Mom got to take her to the ER to make sure she didn't have pneumonia. Luckily it was a negative chest x-ray. Poor baby was so crummy feeling she actually didn't want to be put down, she was very snuggly and clingy. She did end up with Albuterol nebs for wheezing a few days later but is off those now. She is not a fan of Albuterol nebs and would scream through most of it. Still has an icky cough but I think it is slowly improving. Now we just wait til the next bug to!

Behavior: Kylie is such a smiley girl. She loves to give you an innoncent smile when you say her name and tell her no. She still crinkles her nose with smiles. She is SO curious and really takes all of her surroundings in. She is constantly exploring in the house which leads to her brother trailing behind her to find whatever they can get into next. She is SO independent. She does like to crawl right over when you get home and get picked up....but within a few seconds is ready to be put down to go go go. As always she is our sassy diva!

Play : Kylie loves to play. She is so independent in their play room just moving from toy to toy. She loves to be in her jumper. She loves attention and LOVES to dance. We sing a song we made up "move it shake it" and she will smile and bounce up and down and dance to it. The kid has some good moves haha. She loves to bang blocks together. She likes playing with her car keys, that jingle just like mommys! She loves her teddy bear (that was mommys when she grew up) and will pull it in to her face and hug it and smile, it might be the sweetest thing ever. Her biggest goal each day is to touch the dog, the girl just loves animals. She likes touch and feel books just like her brother, but would rather sit next to you when you read it to her. 

Development: Crawling. Pulls to stand. Thinks she can stand alone (she can't). Walks along furniture. Does her pincher grasp. Putting sounds together (Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba, Ga-ga) and her favorite one is Ma-ma.

10 month photo:


Some of our highlights of the past month:
Where to start?!?! In addition to all the firsts which will always be memorable, here are a few other things:

Got to hang out with Uncle Nate and Aunt Lesley while mom and dad went on a date

Continued wearing pink on Mondays to support or special someone :)

Supported the Colts

More attempts to love on their Puppy...depending on the day he loves it or just wants away haha

Watching Daddy do Christmas lights outside:

Playtime in the "Big kid" (aka next step up baby room) at daycare. They LOVE it there and will likely transition rooms sometime in January.

Rocked their Thanksgiving wear

Discovered the joy of Santa hats! (Some of is like it better then others!)

Played the Piano with Grammy and Papa

Got to stay with Grammy and Papa for 4 days, they loved all the attention and love!

Wore their Turkey Hats from Grammy 

Can't believe we are only 2 months from the big 1!! It is going so fast and I can only imagine the Holiday season will speed it up even more. So excited to share the kids first Christmas with them! It will surely make my favorite time of the year even more special! 

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