Tuesday, January 6, 2015

11 months

Oh my goodness its' been a busy month! The Holidays wrapped up and were filled with so many great memories! The kids met Santa, celebrated Christmas (a few times!), learned they love to unwrap presents, started standing and walking with support to name just a few things! Its crazy to me how much they've developed even in the past month. I was making our annual calander and looked back at baby pictures to put in it, blows my mind how much they've grown! Alex is our sweet smiley snuggly little man. Kylie is our sweet sassy little diva. They are just the sweetest kids ever (In my non-biased opinion ;) ) and I can't believe we've been lucky enough to be their parents for almost a year! Now on to month 11!!

First Christmas! 12/21 (at home with us)

First Santa Parade 12/3

First Santa Breakfast 12/6

First time meeting Santa 12/7

First time standing alone 12/24

First Christmas 12/25

First time walking with the help of something 12/27


Nicknames: Alex, Little Dude, Little Man, Pumpkin, Boo-boo, Bubba

Weight: 21 pounds

Height:  Will not get until 1 year check

Head circumference:  Will not get until 1 year check

Teeth: 2 (he has two more coming though!)

Diaper size: 3

Clothing size: 9 month but starting to move to 12 month

Feeds: Target brand Gentlease.  He takes 8 ounces 3 times a day (7 AM, 3 PM, 700 PM).  He gets table foods three times a day (9 AM, Noon, and then at 530 PM when we eat dinner). He LOVES table food and shoves it in by the fistful. He continues to load up both hands and shoves one in his mouth then while reloading that hand his other hand shoves food in his mouth. If he really likes a food there is very little that hits the floor! His current favorites are spaghetti, meat (any meat...he is his Daddys boy!) peaches, mango, applesauce, and macaroni and cheese. His favorite snack is still vanilla wafers and animal crackers. Really doing a good job with his sippy cup now! Can drink out of it on his own. We give him water in it with every meal. He yells for it....loudly....when he wants it and thinks he is so good at drinking from it that he can do it one handed now (wrong buddy!)

Sleep: He goes to bed at 7 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Dad wakes him during the week at 5:45 for a bottle. After this bottle he goes back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare OR if its a weekend he wakes around 7 or 8 AM on his own (apparently we are to excited to play with mom and dad now that we must get up earlier!). In the morning he pulls to stand in his crib and loudly yells out to the world that he's up and ready to go. He also enjoys yelling at his sister to wake up to play with him. He can put him self to sleep on his own for his naps as long as you provide the lovie and paci (and of course fluffly blanket....the boy loves comfort!) Still takes 1-2 cat naps a day (about 30 minutes each ) at daycare. At home he takes a 30-60  minute nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap after lunch. 

Health: Another ear infection and pink eye right before Christmas. We are seeing an ENT specialist at the beginning of the New Year about Ear tubes.

Behavior: He is just so fun! Alex loves to smile and giggle. He cracks himself up. He loves to crawl into Mommys lap still for a hug randomly (which Mommy hopes never stops!). He is very very talkative. He loves to just babble away and then laughs at what he said. (We must have quite the comedian on our hands!) He loves to explore and is quickly learning the word "No". Sadly to him that means try to do it again, try to do it later, or throw body on floor and have meltdown! Oh well, Live and learn little buddy :) 

Play : Alex loves new toys! He loves anything new to play with. Some of his favorite new toys are a bee ball that moves and rolls on its own as it plays music. He chases that thing all over! He also loves an elephant that shoots out balls, he quickly figured out how to turn it on and will sit there alone and entertain himself. He LOVES his basketball hoop and has an excellent slam dunk, I told him we'd work on his free throw next ;) He got a toy car that he rides (aka mom and dad push all over for hours on end) and he thinks that is the greatest thing ever. Also loves playing with his walker. If mommys hair or phone count as toys he likes those too. Still loves books that are touch and feel, specifially "Peekaboo Sophie". I (as well as anybody else that watches him at the house for more then a day) have it memorized he loves it so much. When I hold up the book he smiles and crawls over. Alex also has discovered stuffed toys that move and sing songs (we had 3 Christmas ones that are now permanent toys in our house!) Loves to stand at the gate and bang on it for freedom. Still adores Maverick! Loves music and us singing to him, he has a cute little butt shake he does!

Walking if you hold his hands! (Stop growing so fast). Still putting sounds together (Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba, Ga-ga). Da - da is the sound he says most. He will get going though and just talk for a good 20 seconds and then laugh at himself.

11 month photo:


Nicknames: Kylie Bear, Lil Diva, Princess, Lovebug, Pumpkin, Peanut

Weight: 17 pounds

Height:  Will get at 1 year check

Head circumference:  Will get at 1 year check

Teeth: 0

Diaper size: 3 (still fits in 2 but we hate having 2 different size diapers!)

Clothing size: 9 month

FeedsTarget brand Gentlease.  She takes 8 ounces 3 times a day (7 AM, 3 PM, 700 PM). She gets table foods three times a day (9 AM, Noon, and then at 530 PM when we eat dinner). Kylie LOVES table food, and is very good at putting it neatly in her mouth. She examines her food first to see what her options are and then generally digs into the fruit first. She still goes "MMMMM" when she eats if she loves it. Her current favorites are spaghetti (really any carb!), mango, meatballs, mac N cheese, peaches, banana. Her favorite snack is vanilla wafers and animal crackers. If she sees me eating and she is not, ahe will crawl into my lap and try to eat my food.....evidently I never get my own french fry or anything else for that matter....again! She is a sippy cup pro now! She waves her hands at it when she wants it (yells if you dont see her waving) and does a good job drinking from it.

Sleep: She goes to bed at 7:00 after having a diaper change, bottle, and listening to lullabies. Mom wakes her during the week at 6:45 for a bottle. After this bottle she might go back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare (but most days she is so excited to see Mom she just stays up and watches mom get ready). If its a weekend she usually sleeps til 7 and then wants to be up for the day. She is a good sleeper and easily puts herself to sleep for naps (once you put her down she cries till you leave the room and then within a minute is out cold!). She is taking about 2, 30 minute naps at daycare and if she is home she will sleep 2 hours in the afternoon and 30-60 minutes in the morning. Still enjoys being cradled. Lately has been woken up by brother yelling at her.....on the other hand she def has woken him up too so maybe its a race to see who can get up first!
Napping on Grandpa

Health: One ear infection. She will be seeing ENT here soon about getting ear tubes. 

Behavior: Kylie is such a smiley girl but very sassy. Its her way or the high way. She has learned the word no (she disagrees with it) and when you say "No" she laughs at you and goes back to what she was doing. As soon as you move her away she cries. Sometimes if you tell her "no" she will cry on the spot. She does not like her fun being spoiled! She is SO independent still . She likes to tell stores and is very expressive when she is talking to you. She is starting to crawl into my lap for hugs randomly (which I love!). Miss Independent is a cuddler at heart, just dont' tell anyone ;)

Play : This girl lives for play time! I swear thats why she wakes so early some days! While Alex does a lot of independent play, Kylie likes Mom or Dad involved. She likes to be tickled. She likes to make faces in front of the mirror with Mommy. She loves when you put on music and have a dance party. She will pull up on whatever is near by and start dancing, its adorable. She loves being pushed on her new toy car and would let you push her for hours. Loves her new baby stroller, she is SO good pushing it around. She'll push herself into a wall then lovingly yell at you until you can turn her around so she can go again. She likes to bang blocks together still. She is infatuated by the dog still, her new goal in life is to help him out with his meals (aka splash in dog dish, eat dogs food...which she has accomplished both of these now....she just wants them to be frequent occurances). She loves instruments, loves her xylophone and all the shakers we have. She has attempted the drums but primarily just eats the sticks. Still loves her ball pit, thinks its so fun to crawl in and out and in again. 

Development: Walking if you hold her hands! (Stop growing so fast). Still putting sounds together (Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba, Ga-ga). Ma-ma is the sound she says most. Takes in her entire environment. Has nailed using the sippy cup. Feeds self well with hands, enjoys playing with spoon.

11 month photo:

(Go figure I get a smiling picture when Alex is only in a diaper)

Some of our highlights of the past month:

Taking their Christmas card photo (It only took like 100 attempts, not what I was going for but cute none the less!)

Post nap snuggles!!

Snacktime.....picnic style! They really are the two best friends....until there is one animal cracker left

Matching Christmas shirts!

SO much time on their new cars

Being in aww of Christmas lights all month long

Alex and Grandma having storytime....reading Peekaboo Sophie (go figure!)

Playtime with Grandpa and Cousin Jayden

Story time with Mommy....luckily we got a new book

Grandma and Grandpa with their 3 grandkids on Christmas

Playing in the Papa-san chair

Family photo!! 1/2 smiling....i'll take it!

Until next time....when we have one year olds....toddlers! Holy crap where did the time go?!

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