Monday, January 26, 2015

Babies 10th flight....we are crazy!

The day after the surprise party, we spent the majority of the day relaxing. We went to lunch at Chipotle with my parents 

And then played at their house. Despite all the toys, the window appeared to be the most appealing!

Bang bang on the window!

Hugs and kisses for grandma and grandpa!

Then it was off to the airport for the kids tenth.....yes in we have lost are flipping minds to fly that much with not one but TWO babies! 

Waiting "patiently" while we checked baggage.....this is about as patient as they got, the next hour they were yelling, screaming, and basically wanting to be anywhere but the made is SUPER excited for the flight!

Yelling at their plane as it came in (this is the point they really made everyone excited to be on their flight! ;)

Selfie with mama trying to kill time as we waited 40 minutes to de ice. Alex was not having it waiting this long for his bote so I finally gave in and have him bottle before takeoff.....he fell asleep immediately after and didn't wake up till we got to our gate in Minneapolis! Good baby!

5 rows up Kylie played with daddy the whole time and was also a very good baby on the plane! I would say they are 9/10 for good behavior on flights at this point and their one bad flight they had an ear infection so well give them a pass ;)

Very happy to be reunited after being split for the flight!

It was a great day and trip home (minus the airport fiasco!) and it was a fantastic weekend!!! 

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