Monday, January 26, 2015

A surprise party!

Our hero finished her last chemo for breast cancer on 1/19. It was decided a few weeks prior to that that we could not let it go uncelebrated! Having worked on an oncology floor for 3 years I was more then familiar with how HUGE of. Deal this was. So plane tickets were bought to Illinois and a party was planned! It was decided that keeping both parents out of the loop was a better idea....a hard secret to keep but worth it in the end! Not only did they not know we were comin home but they were clueless about the party too! They just thought they were goin to dinner with their son, daughter in law, and grandson......suckers :)

On Friday, Ed, me, and the kids took their 9th plane ride to Illinois. They were very excited to go see family!

After a messy lunch (note to self no pasta when on a time crunch)

They were cleans up and ready to go!

We wore them out at the airport playground before the flight

Playing at the gate

Alex rode with Daddy

Kylie sat on Mommy and really enjoyed the inflight snack:
"What do you mean you get one of the cookies Mom? I want them both"

After landing we headed to my brothers to stay the night. The three cousins had a blast playing together. We got Chinese from my favorite place, delicious! The next day we baked cakes for the party. They weren't as good as I wanted but the cake wasn't cooperating

We hit up Noodles for lunch. First time we ventured out to eat wth kids since October (they have the attention span of a fly so don't last to long). Luckily they did great!
Funny story, sent the above to my mom and she thought we were in Minnesota, come to find out later she had a small hope we'd be at dinner but that went out the door when she got this.....I'll just pat myself on the back now for unknowingly throwing you off more mama ;)

After lunch, playtime, and nap time it was GO time!! We went to the restaurant party room and decorated (aka hung the two signs I made and then did a few helium balloons which became the kids toys not decorations haha) and met approximately 45 of my moms friends and family who were all equally thrilled to celebrate (I tell ya my Mom is one special lady!) 

At 645 Mom and Dad were led to the room for "dinner". It was supposed to be 7 but they're always early! 

Videoing the arrival!

Shocked would probably be an understatement for their reaction! They were not expecting a party and to top it off they did not expect us in from out of state!

Dad was shocked too....he later admitted we made a good call not telling him haha

Then the hugs and celebration began!

Mom and her Bunco babes! These women were so amazing to her during treatment!


High school friends! 

Family and friends!


While the partying was going on the kids ate and played with balloons
They devoured cake too!
Alex says "can I have some more please?"

After eating two pieces of cake each (at least my two little piggies did!) and walking all over the room with assistance (fingers) the three amigos watched the skillful driving going on outside on the driving range:

Around 9 the party died down. It was a wonderful celebration of an amazing lady. I am so happy we pulled off such an amazing surprise and that she has so many amazing friends/family who care so much about her. We headed home for the night closer to 10. Ed and kids left close to 9 (I was impressed they made it two hours past bedtime without tantrums!!! Thank you sugar rush haha). And yea there was a pit stop at Steak 'n Shake on the way and dad know I can't come home without Steak 'n Shake! And on that note cheers to an amazing Lady that is kicking cancer's ass!!! Chemo down, radiation is about to step up to the plate for it's butt kicking!! Love ya mama, so proud of you :)

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog entry, it was such a great surprise! I always knew you kids were very special, and putting this together just proves how over the top special you really are! I love you all so very much! Dad and I are so lucky!