Sunday, May 4, 2014

3 months

I can not believe they are 3 months already!! We are 1/4 of the way through their first year. 2 weeks away from my maternity leave being over. Fast does not even begin to describe how the past 3 months have gone. I have been looking back lately at pics from when they were born and comparing to pics now (especially when they are in the same outfit) it is crazy to see how much they have grown. They have gone from my sleep snuggly babies to my wide eyed, very loud, smiley (well mainly Alex) babies. They are getting more and more fun and really developing personalities. 

Coo - Alex 4/3

Intentional smiles - Alex 8 weeks, Kylie 10 weeks

Found fingers - 10 weeks (We have some super slobbery hands now!)

Discovered how fun mobiles are - 10 weeks for both (4/12 for Alex and 4/14 for Kylie)

Walk outside - Mid April when it got above 40 degrees

First trip to the mall over Easter weekend! They slept the whole time, Alex woke for maybe 5 minutes to look at the lights

Time in the Bumbo chair - Alex was not sure what to think....Kylie haaated it

Weekend without mommy! - Daddy babysat the 25-27 so mommy could go to Vegas for her best friends bachlorette party. Everyone did great :) daddy and babies had movie day while mom was gone and mom caught up with her sorority sisters

Easter - celebrated with Aunt Lesley and Uncle Nate.

Weight: Roughly 12 pounds based on our home scale

Height:  will not have til 4 month check

Diaper size: Newborn

Clothing size: Newborn, but probably will move to 3 month in a week or two.

Feeds: Neutramigen formula due to his colic and reflux. Taking 5 ounces every 4 hours during the day (9, 1, 5) and then goes 7 hours at night (YAY FOR US!) before needing to eat at 4 AM. Luckily he then goes back to bed till 9!!  He now likes to smile while you feed him, cute but very messy! Save the smiles for when you are done little dude! He is for sure the happiest after he eats, just full of sweet smiles!

Sleep: He goes to bed at 9:30 after having a diaper change and bottle and listening to lullabies. He needs a pacifier to fall asleep. He usually wakes around 4 to eat and then goes back to bed easily for another 4-5 hours and then at 9 wakes up for the day and breakfast. He sleeps by himself in his crib. We move a lot at night, still use our sleep sack but somehow rotate 180 degrees in our crib. Little wiggle worm! We also like to free our arms from our swaddle between midnight and 2 AM which results in a fast re-swaddle around that by mom or dad. Naps are hit and miss. We won't sleep in our crib for naps now. Occasionally he'll take an afternoon nap in the pack and play. Usually takes a nap on mom from 11 til noon and then on his playmat from 3 to 4.

Health: Still having Reflux and on Prevacid. Colic seems to be improving!

Behavior: Such a smiley boy when he's happy.If you smile at him after he eats he'll coo and give a huge smile back. When he is awake he is very interested in his surroundings and takes everything in. LOVES to look at the lights.

Play : He LOVES to look at a mobile. He prefers the one in his crib (huge smiles when he sees you winding it) but also likes the one on his play mat. He'll squeeze onto rings if you put them in his hand. He does tummy time daily and can support himself for a few seconds. He likes mirrors. Loves his pacifier

3 month photo:

Weight:  Roughly 10 pounds based on our scale

Height: Will get at 4 month check

Diaper size: Newborn

Clothing size: Newborn, I'd guess she will fit in 3 month clothes once she is 4 months or so

Feeds: Gentlease formula. Taking 4.5 ounces every 4 hours during the day (9,1,5) and every 7 hours at night! She is a VERY clean eater and doesn't dribble much. She does tend to spit up some if you don't get a good burp. When you feed her Kylie likes to hold your finger or have both arms relaxed at her side.

Sleep: She goes to bed at 9:30 after having a diaper change and bottle and listening to lullabies. She does not get a pacifier at bedtime because if you give her one you will be back in the room all night putting it back in. She gets woken up at night to eat after her brother eats. So she goes a solid 7 hours! She is a good sleeper and will sleep by herself in the crib. She sleeps better if she is in her sleep sack. She LOVES to snuggle (prefers chest to chest). She fights daytime naps. She will take it in the afternoon if she falls asleep while playing on her playmat.

Health: Still has Reflux and is on Prevacid. Still has colic but improving.

Behavior: Where did our mellow girl go! She is very demanding now!! Most of her evening cries and late afternoon is because she is bored....if you put her on her playmat she stops crying and is happy. She does not smile as much as her brother, but you will catch a sweet smile out of her when she is playing. She is very interested in her surroundings.

Play : Kylie LOVES the mobile. She will kick her legs and arms when it is going. Also likes being sang to. She will hold onto rings if you place them in her hand. Loves a pacifier. Loves her mirrors and will stare at them with a big open mouth. She likes watching you flick objects above her head, she is really starting to track things. Does tummy time daily but still can't support her head on her tummy.

2 month photo:


Some of our highlights of the past month:

Getting more and more smiles daily

Finally had a warm day! Busted out our sunglasses:
(Some of us liked them more then others)

Getting their super hero/Disney outfits 

Can't wait to see what the next month brings us with these two sweethearts!

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