Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

Yesterday was mother's day and it was a great first mothers day!! We started the day with breakfast (for the babies) and then they gave me the cards they worked so hard to pick out. Mav even found some money, hightailed it to Target, and got me a card! The twins told Daddy I had been a good Mommy and they wanted to send me to the spa to relax so I have a fun day at the spa to look forward to!! :)

After breakfast we hit up Caribou for lattes then took a long family walk. After walks and showers we got ready to go to brunch. We ate at Clives Roadhouse who had a special mothers day brunch and it was delicious. We then spent the rest of the day snuggling the kiddos and getting ready for the dreaded return to work the next day. Here are a few pics from the day from my phone.....we have a GREAT family pic (Mav included!!!) but its on Eds I'm guessing we'll get that loaded in 6 months or so ;)

Mommy and babies
My babies....would it kill them to smile in same picture??

Me and Princess
Me and Little Man

And a few collages I did!: 

Hope all the moms out there had a great mothers day too!!!

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