Monday, May 12, 2014

Cupcakes, lattes, and shopping, oh my :)

 The Wednesday of my last week of maternity leave my mom was here! She flew in Tuesday night and is here till Friday. Since mom and dad are babysitting the twins in a few weeks whe Ed and I go to my besties wedding, mom wanted to learn the kids routine.....I think she was just dying for double snuggles ;) 
She couldn't believe how big they had gotten! 

On the Wednesday we got up and fed the babies and then they had playtime on their playmat. Then I ran to caribou for lattes and we took my three kids (Mav will always and forever be my kid) on a long walk and enjoyed our drinks. 
Fur baby came with to caribou
Kylie and me ready for our walk

After that we got ready, fed babies again, and headed out. We ended up in maple grove for shopping and cupcakes. I am obsessed with a store called Nadia Cakes (if you haven't been there. Go!! You will thank me!) They won cupcake wars on food network (love that show) and  have amazing cupcakes!! We got two to eat in the store and then four to take home for dessert. 

Kylie was all smiles about shopping

Me and my little sweeties at nadia cakes

Showing the babies what they are missing 

When we got home we grilled out and then played more with the babies! Such a fun day :)

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  1. love Nadia's...they have ice cream cupcakes now in the summer! can't wait to take the boys all up there and try those out....