Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Well the time finally came that the babies had to go to daycare.....I'd prefer them be with me but really we have an awesome daycare so I'm okay with doing this too :) First off we quickly learned not to call it daycare......a certain four legged furry friend becomes VERY excited and then quickly disappointed when he realizes its not for the babies now go to "school". Their teachers are fantastic. Very very nice and are great at keeping us updated on what is going on for babies. We were able to download an app so we know what they eat and when, when they have a dirty diaper, and when they sleep. It is so nice seeing that the babies are on the same schedule there and doing great!

Mornings have changed a little. Now that the kids sleep through the night, Ed wakes them at 6 to start eating, if they haven't woken already. He feeds Alex then I get up and feed Kylie at 6:30. The babies go back to bed, Ed goes to work, and I get ready. After I'm ready, bottles are washed, laundry is started, dog is fed, and any other things that have to be done are done, I wake the kids around 7:45. I get them dressed, pop in the carseat, and off we go. It takes about 15 minutes at school to drop them off and get them settled. Then off to work I go. In the afternoon Ed picks them up, gets them home by 4:30 and starts dinner bottles. Nice to know we've already slipped into a good routine with the kids.

First day of daycare

Now if we can just keep them from doing any "firsts" away from mommy! :)

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  1. Well great job in getting into a great routine! And unfortunately there will be firsts you won't see, but when you do, they will be your firsts!