Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 months

Where has the time gone!! Seriously I can't believe my little babies have already gone from this:

To this:

The time has just flown by! They have gone from barely being able to eat 1 ounce to eating up to 7 ounces. From waking numerous times a night to sleeping through the night. From wanting to snuggle in to you to wanting to move and check out everything around them. From laying on their backs to rolling all over and sitting up with support. I can't even imagine how the next 5 months will go and then before we know it, we'll be planning their 1 year party! But for now....we'll just focus on 5 months. It has been a fun past month for the kids and they have grown and developed like crazy! I feel like every day they are discovering something new!


Rolled over: Kylie went first on 5/31 when Grandma and Grandpa Aussieker were babysitting for the weekend. Alex followed on 6/12.

Weekend without mom and dad: Mom and Dad had a wedding in Indiana so Grandma and Grandpa Aussieker babysat, thanks guys!

Fathers Day: 6/15

Time joining us at the dinner table:

Art projects at daycare: 

Tried our jumpers: 6/22

Finding our voices and getting VERY talkative - mid June


Ride in a side by side stroller: 6/27

Weight: about 15 pounds

Height: don't have until 6 month check

Diaper size: 1

Clothing size: 3 month...probably will move to 6 months in the next few weeks

Feeds: Gentelase formula.We are finally off expensive Neurtramigen!! Taking 7 ounces every 4 hours during the day (9, 1, 5) and then goes 9 to 10 hours at night (YAY FOR US!) before needing to eat at 5 or 6 AM. He then goes back to bed till 9 if I am home otherwise I wake him for daycare at 7:45!! Loves to smile after he eats. Occasionally tries to hold his bottle but he is just fine having you do it. still a spit up monster.

Sleep: He goes to bed at 8:30 after having a diaper change and bottle and listening to lullabies. He can fall asleep without his pacifier now and he is not swaddled anymore. He usually wakes around 5 or 6 to eat and then goes back to bed easily until mom wakes him at 7:45 for Daycare or if its the weekend he'll sleep until 9 AMish. He sleeps by himself in his crib. He moves a ton at night, and prefers to sleep on his side or tummy. Naps are hit and miss still. When he naps he likes to have his lovie blanket to snuggle up to his face.

Health: Still having Reflux and on Prevacid. We tried to go off his Prevacid for a week....epic fail. Poor buddy was so miserable. Alex had Thrush 6/16 and was on Nystatin for a week, miraculously he did not share with Kylie!

Behavior: Such a smiley boy! Loves to giggle. Always has something in his mouth. He likes to make noises and hear his voice. He gets mad if you try to make him take a nap when he doesn't want one. He gets mad when its bedtime but once he has a bottle he is okay. Overall he is a happy go lucky guy! 

Play : Right now his favorite toy is probably his dog stuffed animal that sings songs and lights up. He also likes a little handheld toy that makes noise and lights up. He LOVES colors and looking at bright colors.....if he catches the tv being on goodluck getting his attention. He also likes his "lovie" blanket He likes to squeeze it and bring it up to his face.  He'll squeeze onto rings if you put them in his hand and now is actively grabbing for toys. He likes to roll onto his tummy and reach for things. He likes mirrors. Loves his pacifier. We also tried his jumper for the first time and that was a huge hit!

5 month photo:

Weight: about 13.5 pounds

Height: will get at 6 month check

Diaper size: 1

Clothing size: 3 month

Feeds: Gentlease formula. Taking 6 ounces every 4 hours during the day (9,1,5) and every 9 to 10 hours at night (although if you don't wake her she will go 12 hours!) She likes to help hold the bottle. Spits up some but not as much as her brother

Sleep: She goes to bed at 8:30 after having a diaper change and bottle and listening to lullabies. She gets woken up at night to eat after her brother eats usually after 6 AM. After this bottle she goes back to bed until mom wakes at 7:45 for Daycare OR if its a weekend we usually have to wake her between 9 and 10. The kid loves her sleep! She is a good sleeper and will sleep by herself in the crib. She LOVES to snuggle (prefers chest to chest). She is starting to take daytime naps at daycare in her crib and even at home for mom

Health: Still has Reflux and is on Prevacid. We tried to go off but that was a fail

Behavior: Loves to smile, especially in the morning. When she smiles she wrinkles her nose and then gives a huge smile. She likes to giggle and if you get her laughing she will get the hiccups. She is VERY curious. You can find her usually staring hard at something and really trying to figure it out. When shes fussy she just wants to be held and walked around the house. She is our sassy little diva! 

Play : Kylie LOVES to roll. She thinks its a game to roll to her tummy then whine til you roll her back then she does it again. She also really enjoys anything that lights up....including the tv! She likes to watch the mobile still but also likes to look at her reflection. She loves being sang to. She likes to grab rings....and mommies hair. She loved her jumper when she tried that for the first time. 

5 month photo:


Some of our highlights of the past month:

Celebrating moms birthday:

Getting a new stroller:

Learning to love tummy time:

I'm sure the next month will be full of many more new firsts! Including first baby food, trip to the zoo, airplane ride, overnight stay somewhere other then home. Its all going so fast!!! 

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