Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Plane Ride

On the 16th of July we finally did the twins first plane ride! We were traveling back to Illinois for them to meet the rest of my side of the family as they had only met Grandma and Grandpa. Ed and I had been preparing for a few weeks making sure we had car seat covers, birth certificates printed, goody bags for everyone around us. We were a little nervous of how the ride would go.....but were we lucky! It went fantastic. The whole experience was smooth and everybody was so helpful. It helped we took off around bedtime so the kids were ready to eat and sleep!

Here we are arriving at the airport.....we have about 4 times as much stuff now when we fly. One of the suitcases was 50% toys! Heaven forbid we have a bored baby!!

We then went to the Delta desk to check our two bags and two car seats (yay for free bags and car seats!!). We were relieved to be rid of all of that! Here are the kids waiting patiently while we check bags. The gate agent just loved them:

Then it was time for security check. Our biggest fear was we would take a long time and hold people up but we were actually pretty fast. We took each took a kid and passed the stroller off to be inspected. We quickly sent our diaper bag, Bjorns, and carry ons through. Alex must have been super smiley with daddy because when I saw him after we went through he'd manged to snag a TSA sticker :)

In all it took 40 minutes from parking to being through security. Fantastic!! We thought at least an hour! This gave us time for some dinner before the 3000 step (yes literally that much, according to fitbit) trek to the gate! Here we are sitting at the gate:

Everyone at the gate was helpful. They let us gate check the stroller early so we just held the kids. When we got on the plane (first ones to board!) We placed little goody bags I'd made up on the seats around us. Each bag had chocolates and ear plugs plus a note that read: "Hi! We are 5 month old twins and this is our first flight. Our mom and dad are going to do their best to keep us quiet but just in case we hope these chocolates and ear plugs help! Love Alex and Kylie". The note was a hit, the people around us (for the most part) were very appreciative and didn't seem to care they had two babies near them. In fact the couple behind us told us they have 16 year old triplets! The man by me has numerous sets of twins in his family. Its like the airplane seating world was working with us! The only grumpers was a younger couple in front of Ed and Alex who were clearly mad to be near babies. Made us happy to prove them wrong!

The flight lasted an hour but we sat for 45 minutes before actual take off due to all the planes ahead of us. Luckily the kids were completely content. We gave a bottle on take off and then they both snuggled up and fell asleep the rest of the flight. 
Kylie asleep on the plane

When we landed we re-situated everyone and out we went to meet Grandma and Grandpa.

It was a smooth start to a great long weekend! But thats another post for later this week :)

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